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(pages 241-242)
     We as Americans have given so much to this planet. Without regret, we must now focus on our Country and ourselves, if we are to Right the Wrongs of our collective and individual existence. This Country was founded and built on the efforts of individuals not native to this Land. Each group came here under varied circumstances. Their efforts helped build a prosperous, free society. This occurred during a time when Land, resources, and jobs were, to one degree or another, plentiful. The United States of America now has one of the highest, stable standards of living. It is one filled with abundance and leisure. As one of many Nations, America’s position in global affairs is considered one of leadership. Militarily, the United States of America is the dominant power of the planet. Our Nation is the anchor of the global economy. The United States of America has strong political and economic alliances with the overwhelming majority of the Nations of our planet. By and large, Humanity has a common direction aimed toward democracy, Liberty, and prosperity. Along with the other major military forces of our planet, a quick response to violence and disorder can be expected as the Nations of the World ban together within the context of the United Nations to establish lasting peace. The global Community of our Species has in place a structural system that adequately sustains its interdependent nature.
     With the condition of the global Community and the state of existence within America’s borders, every Nation of the planet will understand that now is the time for our Country to focus on the problems within our own borders for our own betterment. The United States of America has reached a point in its national existence where it has become necessary to apply the Nation’s resources to the problems within our borders. We as a Nation need to re-evaluate everything, i.e. the entire Code, Rule, and structure of our social and economic system. Our entire system of existence needs to be updated to the degree where it applies to present-day requirements and encompasses all the circumstances we face. America has entered into a new millennium with new technology, and new problems as well. We are also going to need to restructure our resource allocation to insure our continued survival within a civilized, prosperous Social System. This includes the need to commit our Nation’s financial resources to repairing and upgrading our infrastructure. We all recognize that our present-day Reality indicates that our Social System may be spreading itself too thin by taking on more financial responsibility than it has the resources to provide for. A good percentage of this financial responsibility is aimed in areas that are not related to the direct benefit of American citizens. As a sovereign Country with defined borders, we the citizenry are entitled to be concerned about our future as a Nation, irrespective of the other Nations of the World. Globally, it is true that most all Countries have domestic problems that they focus on without regard for the rest of the World. An example of this would be how other Countries limit imports, maximize exports, and apply tariffs to Goods. These policies are reflective of what is in the best interest of their people, and it illustrates our need to make some restrictive moves for our own best interest.
     We too must internalize our concerns and resources. If we were to spend 5 years or more focusing on our domestic problems with the resources available to us right now, we could all but eliminate some of the unnecessary suffering that goes on in this Country. We could accomplish this while continuing to help and influence the rest of the World. We have now reached a point in our collective American existence where we must assess our resources, and plan for our future. With every system that operates within the confines of a “fixed budget”, there comes a time when a “balance sheet” or resource assessment must be made to determine the stability of the system at a given moment of Reality, as well as its Needs for the future. We have reached that time. We must now more clearly define our assets and our liabilities. We must determine the value of our resources (assets), and divide them by the number of the citizenry of our Nation (liabilities). This determination cannot be made over night, it may very well take years. We must have an accurate accounting of the number of legal American citizens that exists, even if we have to conduct an “emergency” census, one that includes every legal American citizen.

     The United States will need time and resources to refocus its energy and money towards internal problems like unemployment, homelessness, poverty, urban decay and destruction, etc. Our foreign aid may need to be reduced during this period. It may be necessary to make formal and impose a 3-8 year non-immigration/reduced foreign aid period that will provide for us the time and money this Nation needs to rescue itself from impeding ruin. Between 1946 and 1990, the U.S. Government disbursed over $374 billion in foreign aid. In March of 1994, this Nation doubled aid to the Ukraine, to a figure of $700 million. This was a “reward” for it having moved toward economic reform and Nuclear disarmament. That same month in another news article, it was reported that U.S. aid to Russia and other former Soviet States was not getting to the people who needed it, and that “major problems” plagued the management of the $3 billion assistance program, meaning some U.S. resources are being wasted abroad. In May of 1995, the kick off by U.S. officials of a $25 million project to help rebuild Bosnia was reported. In a news article published Dec. 18, 1995, it was reported that according to the General Accounting Office (the investigative “arm” of Congress), at least 23 U.S. Government agencies had committed $5.4 billion for 215 separate programs in the former Soviet Union. There was also another $10 billion made available for loans, guarantees, and insurance. These numbers must be given consideration when a truthful assessment of the economic stability of the American Social System is being considered.  
     Just like the welfare system in this Country, foreign aid creates and perpetuates cultures of dependency. Many of the Countries that have been receiving long-term foreign aid are poorer today than they were 30 years ago. Foreign aid during our period of refrain should continue to provide education and farming equipment, etc., possibly creating more U.S. jobs. The United States of America must come together with other Nations to help them develop their resources in such a way that mutual benefit can result from the use the entire resources of the globe for the betterment of the planetary population. An example of this would be with regard to aid to Russia. The area of Chernobyl could become the World’s designated toxic waste dump, because it can never be cleaned up or restored to its natural state. A global Waste Disposal Process Center could be setup there that serves the Needs of the entire planet.

     When an assessment is made of our Nations resources allocation, one must also consider how this applies to immigration. It has been estimated by a research organization based in Washington, D.C. that nearly 10 million immigrants entered the U.S. in the 1980’s. This figure includes both legal and illegal entries. That accounts for roughly 37% of the population growth for our Nation during that period. In an article published in the news dated Nov. 22, 1994, it was reported that some politicians were moving to deny welfare benefits to most legal immigrants. The estimated saving was $22 billion dollars over five years. That is an average cost to the American taxpayer of $4.4 billion dollars per year of welfare benefits alone to legal immigrants in the U.S. In another news article dated Feb. 24, 1994, it was reported that congressional investigators found that immigrants were being coached by some “unscrupulous” translators, attorneys, and “store-front” business to fake mental illness and retardation to qualify for federal disability benefits. Under the Law, Supplemental Security Income pays disability benefits of a maximum $446 per month (usually with a lump sum payment of $2,500 to $3,000 in the beginning created by the benefit being retroactive to the time of the application) to poor people who cannot work due to a fatal or long-term disabling condition. Abuse of the system only magnifies the need to reassess how American resources are allocated.  

     In a news article published Feb. 14, 1994, it was reported that the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service estimates there were six million illegal aliens in this Country at that time. We have seen what problems this has caused relative to our Nation’s security. Well, under the Law, illegal Parents are not entitled to welfare or Medicaid benefits themselves. However, if their Children are born on U.S. soil, the Children are entitled to the full array of benefits because they are full U.S. citizens. This is afforded them, despite the fact that their Parents came here illegally. This article also asserted that the Center for Immigration Studies estimated that federal prisons housed some 29,000 illegal aliens, at a cost of more than $800 million a year to the American taxpayer. Their estimates further indicate that when Medicaid, welfare, schooling, and other costs are added up, illegal aliens cost the taxpayers $5.4 billion per year, and this is based upon numbers derived from 1994. In another news article published March 6, 1994, it was reported that illegal aliens were working in jobs that could be held by legal U.S. citizens. One of the illegal aliens insisted he was making “the going rate” of $32.50 an hour, while most earned $7.50 an hour. Most of these jobs were obtained because these individuals held falsified documents that indicated they were in this country legally. Stopping illegal entry into this Country would take more extreme measures than are already applied to the problem. This effort would require money, possibly from funds redirected from foreign aid. If it takes building a long fence, this would create construction jobs. If it takes increased manpower for stepped up border patrols, this also creates jobs.
     Consider this, what if 60% of the people in other Nations decide to come to America to share in our livelihood and prosperity. What would we do then? For one, there is not enough Land within our borders to accommodate such an exodus. Secondly, does our Nation have an obligation to insure the welfare of its citizenry before giving aid to “guests”? If you the Reader were living on a fixed income, would you first feed and clothe your Family before you fed and clothed a stranger from another town? If our Nation is going to provide someone with Food, Shelter, and Clothing, it should insure that all its citizenry has these basics first.

     As we focus on ourselves, we need the support and understanding of the rest of the World also, so that we may all benefit from the remaining resources of our planet and the opportunities before Humanity. Our collective destiny is now. All the events and elements that are relevant are present simultaneously. This is the period of our existence when we must all make the decisions that will define the direction of our journey through the remaining spans of time. We the people, must demand the changes that will benefit us all, rich and poor, and in between. The leaders in Washington represent us. They must do what it is we want them to do, or we must replace them with people who will. To accomplish these things we must become involved. We must all work together for the good of the collective. This will benefit us as individuals. The possibilities and/or opportunities before us are endless, but we must evaluate and utilize them realistically. We must recognize the Reality that at this juncture in our social development, we need to embrace radical blanket reform with an open mind, being innovative to the degree that we get the most benefit out of the opportunities that lie before us. As a Nation, we must again focus on creating a better World for our offspring to inherit.

     As we move forward as a Nation towards the perfection of our collective and individual existence, we must identify the areas we must perfect or make better. One of the areas is Government. To make our Government more better, to create a “more perfect union”, the system of Government must function in a way that conforms to the way it was created to function. We have a Government that is for the people, of the people, and by the people. We, the citizen of the United States of America, are the governed. Because of our Constitution, the citizenry is the power of this Nation. We elect individuals to represent our collective interests on Capital Hill. They are there to do our bidding, not their own. In taking the path of least resistance, i.e. the easier way, we elect these people, then blindly allow them to take responsibility for our collective future. These people are elected by the masses. They do not know what each individual wants out of Government. Individuals must tell elected officials what they want them to know and what they want them to do. The most powerful weapon that a citizen welds before the Government in a democratic society is the individual Vote. The magnitude of the power of that one Vote is increased when that Vote is add to another, this is the formation of a “coalition.”
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