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I consider myself a conservative-liberal.  My morals, ethics, and philosophies are conservative.
My wants, desires and passions are liberal.  I am an individualist.  I feel like a pioneer and do tend
to have a knack for innovation.   I am an idealist by nature and a survivalist by necessity.  I believe in the
best of people and what good can come with them.  But I'm not fool enough to not prepare for the worst
of people and what bad can come with them.  I know there is always a way of thinking that is right, a way
of doing that is right, and a way of moving that is right.  That way is positive.  It is my way, DEWsWay.
I am led to try and chart a new course while breaking new ground.  I am imaginative, curious, shrewd, introspective, and full of surprises.  My spirit is free, but my body experiences only liberty.  I've chosen my
own path in life and don't do things simply to please other people.  I’m creative, intelligent, and opinionated.
This isn't always a popular combination!  Some misinterpret my insight and independence; they may see me
as stubborn and snobbish.  It's true I’m a natural skeptic and critic.  I’m often more in tune with what's wrong in a situation than what's right.  Fortunately, my quirky take on life can be very attractive.  I often say and
do the unexpected, which makes me fun and pleasurable to be around.  I’m very selective about who I share
the moments of my life with.  The few find a very open and compassionate friend who gives without condition.
Not everyone appreciates me, but this is the price I pay for being a unique individual among many. 
Revelations ?
DEWsWay ?
America in Crisis
Do It DEWsWay
DEW Tells
DEWs Mugbook
I'm Just Saying
Do Contact DEW

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DEWsWay is an acronym for the spiritual way in which I move about and do.
I have a bit of an aptitude for problem solving.  I am a thinker. In the course of some of my ponderings I concluded that for myself the formula for living my way is to move about in such a way as to pursue satisfaction while embracing the responsibilities of living as an adult in American society.  I have taken my right to live, have liberty, and pursue happiness in our land as a gift, and responsibility is a requirement of having accepted such.  I create adventure in my life by seeking out pleasurable experiences that are right for me, harmful to no one, and positive for me by nature.  I have learned that there is always a right way to move and a right direction in which to move.  I found that the simple answer for myself was that the right way is the positive way.  Applying this into my daily life has required discipline and sacrifice, while gifting me with much joy along the way.  Such is  the nature of human adulthood.  Idealism makes me optimistic about our c0llective future.  I want to believe we can all come to trust each other’s actions.  I know that all members of our animal species can innately discern the positive way with the fibers that make up our bodies, minds, and souls.  If my optimism is well-founded, the business of DEWsWay Enterprises is a plan for collective prosperity.  I believe that the reward for right action (effort/work) in the right direction without generating harm is prosperity.  However, it is realism that makes me pessimistic about the likelihood the human race will trust in each other enough to embrace the truth that an individual’s future only exists within the context of our collective future as communities, as nations, and as an animal species upon our planet Earth.  That pessimism has led me into the world of prepping.  As a boy scout, one of the things
I learned the value of is to always be prepared.  If nothing else remember these two things:
                                                           (1) The time to prepare for chaos is never during the chaos.
                                                           (2) Not being prepared for chaos produces its own chaos. is the evolution of a website that has existed in one form or another since the late 90's.  After my book manuscript was copyrighted in 2002 the website became my way to share my insights with those of like mind. 
There is a different perspective from which to understand the relationship between the
electro-magnetic energy that generates the system of Nature and its polarized influence within
our own system of human spirituality.  Everything is part of Nature's system and hence moves
in a systematic way.  Our movements are generated from electro-magnetic energy and therefore can
be defined within the parameters of POLARITY.  Recognized or not, this is the essence of our Earth's
spiritual system, and thus our own.  Think not?  The divine energy that gives each of us life comes from
the polarized energy our Earth generates.  Thus, our movements are defined within an earthly context
as positive or negative.  Within a religious context, these same movements  are defined as
good or evil/right or wrong.  These terms are interchangeable depending on one's perspective.
There is a natural, systematic way the human animal is to move to fulfill its role within Nature's
system of order.  For me, this "way" is the essence of human spirituality.  

With regard to religion, I was raised a Baptist.  It will be very evident to you the reader that I was in the spirit
and praising God all through the creation of these writings While I was doing what I considered God's work,
or "WHAT GOD SAID TO DO",  the title “WHAT GOD SAID TO DEW” came to me and the manuscript
had its working title.  The words within my manuscript came from deep within me.  Deep within me,
what most label "the soul" is from where my connection to the divine energy source that generates existence
manifests itself.  More often than not, I refer to that source with the label God because that is the way
I was taught to do.  While to what I credit with having gifted me with the abilities to have experienced the production of these writings may or may not matter, I ask that you not judge this book by its cover.
Whether or not I felt motivated by God on a personal level while producing this work should not matter.
Judge these writings on the merits of their content and composition.


I have come to accept that the insightful perspective from which my writings are derived is a gift, one that
I am compelled to share.  It took a while, but I now take ownership of my belief in what I have come to know
as "THE DIVINE ENERGY OF LIFE."  From this embrace DEWsWay has emerged.  I can feel from deep within me that this is not only my waybut the way for us all.  It is a way for us all to move forward together safely and in the same direction, while embracing individual difference and liberty.  This is a way to the beginnings of an evolutionary journey.  The way through this journey will require an open mind.  Explore DEWsWay,
and if it makes you feel some kind of  positive waydo something with that validation.  Accept the
responsibilities of belonging.  Embrace difference and diversity as an enhancement to your
own existence.  Move in positive ways and positive directions as we come together and
work together to mold our society into a more perfect civilization.

Do it your way DEWsWay.
There is only one race of people.
It is the human race.
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