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"GOD" Gave Us Words
(pages 60-69)
     Gregory the Great is credited with having left us this truthful bit of Wisdom: "We are to learn the mind of GOD from the Words of GOD." It is through the words attributed to “GOD” by true prophets, our Holy Books, and Jesus Christ, that we are to learn of the divine aspects of Reality. It is not “GOD” that the Scriptures seek to have us understand. It is the “mind of GOD.” By our understanding of the “mind of GOD”, we come to understand what “minds” we as a Species are supposed to have. Moreover, as our minds control our actions, it is our behavior that is relevant to and significantly affected by the Word of “GOD.” To recognize and understand the mind of “GOD”, one must be literate enough to interpret and comprehend the meaning of the Word. The Word of “GOD” is actually all true and Positive words. These words are to lead us to a standard of conduct that is true and Positive. Our behavior is to meet this standard continuously, not whenever it suits us to do so. We must open our minds to what is true and Positive about Reality, and learn from it, to respond positively to it. For an individual to open their mind does not mean they have to discard their current beliefs. However, it does mean that person has to recognize that learning is a never-ending process. Once the mind is closed, the learning process ends.  

     In the interest of gaining a broader, common perspective, consider what lies beyond the limits of basic Human understanding. An objective examination of some obvious perceptions can establish the Divine Truth that the Words and Numbers known to Humankind have a spiritual relevance and significance. To understand this, each of us must use the fundamental tool of the Human mind. That tool is inference. If “GOD” is responsible for the creation of all that exists, then it can be inferred that words could easily be considered to have spiritual relevance and significance. This is because everything that exists has a purpose. If the Human is created in the image of “GOD”, then we can infer that the words the Human uses to communicate could be said to be characteristic of “GOD”, thereby making them spiritually relevant and significant. If mental activity is the result of energy received through the connective pathway to the Divine Energy of Life, then we can infer that thoughts and ideas manifested from that Divine Energy are spiritual in nature. It would follow that the “vehicles” used to relay those concepts would be relevant and significant. Those vehicles are Words and Numbers. This also means the actions that result from contemplation have a divine relevance and significance. In the pursuit of Truth or the facing of Reality, to derive a conclusion from all this inference regarding both Words and Numbers would be to, at the very least, acknowledge that they have a spiritual relevance and significance to Reality. Together, they comprise a part of the "one" divine knowledge or a part of the “whole” Truth. This whole Truth is the Living Word of “GOD.”  

     Physics and Mathematics are the words and numbers that help us more clearly define our Physical Reality. We need the symbols of both Words and Numbers to define and express Reality and its Systems in both the physical and spiritual context. As there are certain words that have particular significance in explaining the direction of the motions of our lives, certain numbers have such a profound relationship to defining our Reality in a spiritual sense. For a good understanding of the relationship of Numbers to the Divine System of Nature, or Spirituality, I would suggest a book entitled “Numbers in Scripture”, by E. W. Bullinger. Within the pages of that book, you will find very good explanations and examples of the relevance of Numbers to our Spiritual Reality. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing are inherent elements of the Divine System of Nature. They occur naturally as a part of Existence. Because of this, there must be equation and balance. Numbers are needed by the Human to come to an understanding of this Reality. Numbers become necessary once there is more than one of anything. You need Numbers to calculate, to compute, to equate and to balance. You need Numbers to explain the Circle, Existence, and Time. Numbers are the key to unlocking the mystery of Perpetual Motion and Utopia. Perpetual Motion and Utopia are the continued existence of Life, Human and otherwise, within the most nearly perfect conditions of earthly existence.  

     Numbers are necessary to our understanding of all that is around us in a natural way, i.e. Reality, Nature, Science, etc. Numbers are so inherent to the Divine System of Nature, that all living things recognize their relevance to one degree or another. Numbers are a wonderful and exciting Divine Creation. There is so much beauty and perfection in their composition and use. However, many other Animal Species have a perception of Numbers. They recognize the strength of Numbers. They also understand the relevance of Numbers relative to the group, and to loss. It is the use of words that is unique to the Human Species. Words are derived from that aspect of our Being that is created in the image of “GOD.” They are a manifestation of the Human consciousness.
     Animals in the wild signal each other in times of danger to warn. They also use signals to indicate other states or circumstances. This imparting of signals is termed "Communication", the transmission or exchange of information or knowledge. Humans also share this ability to communicate, most commonly accomplished through speech or writing. Speech is Communication derived from vocalization, and writing is Communication that results from graphic inscription. However, whether the format of Human Communication is spoken or written, it can be expressed in a simplified, singular form, the word. 
      Language is the creation that resulted from our need to communicate our feelings and thoughts. Our feelings and thoughts are a part of what comprises our Being. Each of us must open our minds to the Revelation that "GOD" is both Divine Energy and intelligence, proven in deed and by virtue of the willful creation of Life in all its complexity. Our being in "His" image, that part of “Him” that each of us has must also be energy and intelligence. As a collective, we must recognize the real label that describes the manifestation of Creation. That label is "consciousness." The relevant significance of this Divine Truth is that words are the expressions of our consciousness, that part of us that is most like “GOD.” The nature of the divine significance of words, oral and written, is that the Word was introduced to our existence by "GOD" (the Divine Energy of Life) as a means by which we could communicate the perceptions and impressions of our Reality to each other. Words transcend the dimensions of Worldly and Spiritual Realities. If a word is written on a piece of paper, the Truth is that item has a value that is more profound than the paper and ink that comprise that item. This is true simply because it is a mode of Communication given to us as a tool by our Creator. Each of us needs to experience life with the depth that allows for the appreciation of such a small blessing. Each of us needs to be able to see the minute miracles that exist around us like Words. It is then that an individual is able to embrace the realities and responsibilities that comprise Existence. Words are a miracle, each and every one. From the word “the”, “in”, “me”, “you”, “are”, “can”, “must”, and “please”, to the word “supercalafragalisticexpialidocious.” Every word is a divine gift and a blessing. Think the word supercalafragalisticexpialidocious is not a blessing? Think of all the joy and happiness that was brought about by the context of understanding associated with the use of this word.
     Language is the product of the Human's need to communicate with others of its Species. Words are the basic components of Human language. Whether written or in oral form, this is what meaningful Human Communication boils down to within this context. A series of properly used words forms a sentence, which are words that together express a message. It is here where the complexity of Communication surfaces. It is where flawed and incomplete interpretations of the Truth occur. This is because each word in a structured sentence can be referred to as a "label" for another series of words that explain the meaning of the "label", what we call (or label) the definition of the word. Some words have more than one definition, the choice of which is determined by the context, or perspective from which they are used. To compound the already complex circumstance of Human Communication, each of the descriptive phrases in the definition is composed of words, which again have individual meanings. And so it goes, around and around.  

     Another aspect of Communication to recognize is that every single Noun in existence is the result of a need to identify something of which we as Humans are "conscious." Complicating matters even more, our misinterpretation of some realities we are conscious of has led us to label them with more than one name because at different times we interpret these realities from varying perspectives. An example would be the labels Existence, Time and Reality, or Truth and Fact. To one degree or another, when these words are used in certain contexts, they are Synonyms. There is also the use of slang, which is confusing because it is sometimes encompasses using one word in place of another. There are many grammatically horrible examples of slang. However, let us look at a mild example like the word "Hill." A Hill is defined as, "a conspicuous, usually rounded, elevation of the earth's surface, not as high as a Mountain." However, most people, when riding in a car will refer to an elevation in the road in front of them as a "Hill." A more accurate descriptive term would be an "Incline.” An Incline refers to a surface (or plane) that slopes. Nevertheless, explain this to an average American citizen, and suggest they incorporate this understanding into their consciousness as they chose words, and they will say, "It doesn't matter because people know what I mean. It's a free Country, I can talk any way I want." There is some Truth in that reply. It is a free Country, and you can talk any way you like, for now.     However, the important thing is whether everyone knows what you mean or not. In this example, the possible repercussions of any miscommunication that could occur as a result of this constant juggling and re-inventing of terms that we practice is pretty much non-existent. However, in a circumstance of Human interaction that is more complex, thereby containing more "Communication bits", a misinterpretation can be very costly. This is one reason we must re-examine the definitions of the words we use, to re-establish our objectivity, as well as to focus and clarify our understanding. Our collective understanding of our individual relevance and significance to Existence suffers because of how we subjectively manipulate our interpretation of words into a context to please ourselves. To be civilized is to be characterized by a high level of intellectual development. Intellect is measured relative to words. Therefore, we cannot move away from proper English and the full definitions of words, or the actions that result from either of them.
      Also, remember that we do not have to be conscious of something for it to be real. It is necessary to accept the fact that each word is the "label" for some bit of information that the Human must define to its understanding to express. It is also necessary to accept the Truth that this does not mean that the Human’s interpretation of information is always Right or complete, because it is limited to the boundaries of Human understanding. In general, we cannot simply accept the one-dimensional perception of Existence we receive from the labels that describe it. We must take the knowledge, or definitions of Reality, and apply them to the process of understanding. This is called “Inference”, and the Human is obligated to use this ability because it is a part of its Reality. Everything that exists can and must be used to achieve some Positive end. We cannot simply accept knowledge with selective indifference. We must do things with all of it. At the very least, we must constantly consider the implications these definitions have on our actions. We must recognize that we must act, or react to these words responsibly with Positive, decisive action. We must also recognize the Reality that it is words, whether spoken or thought of, that get things done within the context of Human existence on both an individual and collective basis. Words carry the meaning of the actions of the Universe into our consciousness, and between the members of our Species. Words produce action. Humanity has proven in the past that it does not always correctly interpret the true meaning, Wisdom, and perpetual value of the words in its possession. If a deeper examination were made of not only the words of this Text, but also of all the words in our collective and individual existence, a limitless power and renewed value would be found. It is because the worth of those words is defined by each individual’s understanding of them.

     There is an adage that says, “Watch your thoughts they become words. Watch your words they become actions. Watch your actions they become habits. Watch your habits they become character. Watch your character it becomes your destiny.” A thought is an occurrence that has no affect upon the world surrounding it until it is translated into our Reality by acting upon that thought. A single movement or action affects not only the Reality immediately surrounding it, but in can set in motion a change of movements, actions, or events that can have a more far-reaching impact on all of Reality. If the Human Species is to fulfill its role within the Divine System of Nature, then it must do what socialized Species do. That is to work (move or act; have motion) together for the betterment of the Community. This is how sustenance is maintained for the individuals of that Community. To accomplish this, the Human must open its mind and fill it with words. Each individual of the Human Community must become literate, i.e. educated. As well, each of us must become objective in our understanding of our spiritual nature so that a common perspective is formed. This is because the thoughts that result from that understanding lead to words. Those words lead to actions that affect every living thing on this Orb. It is repetitive action that forms the basis of individual habit. Repeating those habits are how individual character is formed. Individual character is the Truth of oneself. The actions derived from one’s character lead to one’s destiny. “Truth” is our ultimate destiny.

     There are so many of us, myself included, who have in our possession what could easily be deemed “collections” of books that we have accumulated over a period of time. They have been saved with the understanding that if they are read again sometime in the future, the information inside those pages will enhance and/or enrich our life even though we may have read them once already. Recognize this Truth, then multiply that opportunity for enrichment by the volume(s) of data collected and stored by all Government, Business, Private or Academic Agencies, Institutions, and individuals of the Human Communities of our World. The result is an unimaginable wealth of knowledge from which insight and Wisdom can be derived. What we as a collective Species must do is take the time to re-examine the words that exist in those databases and elsewhere around us, and embrace the messages that are contained within them with a better sense of perception and depth, in a serious search for greater understanding. The "Information Superhighway" will provide all individuals with that opportunity by pooling all knowledge from varying disciplines into one easy to access database. Literacy is the key to the gateway of Prosperity and Salvation.

     Each of us must begin to understand our individual and collective connection to everything that happens around us. By sounding and acting negatively, we truly are not fulfilling our natural function within the System of Nature and we are negatively affecting the elements of Nature. This includes even the Weather, because we are disrupting the electrical connection we have to this earthly Reality. That connection is made real through the energy our movements generate. Our movements must all be correct, Right(eous), or good, to produce energy of the proper polarity (flowing in the Right(eous) direction) to fulfill our required part of this connected system. We must elevate our minds to recognize that our conscious awareness dictates the behavior of our bodies, and our bodies are suppose to do certain things on the surface of this planet.
     Our thoughts control our actions. Therefore, a better understanding of words will lead us to produce the actions that will bring about the betterment of every element of our Being. We must aspire to understand the meaning of everything. To do this, we must increase our vocabulary so that we can better understand the sentences that relate those meanings. In essence, we must be literate. We must recognize the relevance of how we use words, and what affect those words have on the actions that follow. In America, the system or process of learning and understanding the written and spoken word requires that we first learn proper English diction. After we have acquired the ability to communicate correctly within the context of our Country’s language, then we can “sometimes” revert to the use of slang. If we constantly use slang and fragmented words, we are not allowing those words to be “naturally” completed. By not understanding the pronunciation or definition of words, we are not coming to a resolute understanding. If the pronunciation and understanding of the word is not complete, how can you expect the action that results from that word to be complete?  
     Here are three examples of how a more clear understanding of the meaning and usage of words will lead to the betterment of the elements of Human composition. Relative to the Human mind, by creating slang from proper words without first learning to use and be responsible to the proper word, we are in affect saying that a person does not have to do the Right thing or be responsible. In affect, we are saying that individuals can do whatever they choose to do with anything they choose. An example of this is the street term (slang) "dis"; the full word it refers to is "disrespect." Those who use it are recognizing only a part of the word and only a part of its meaning. The user does not want another to "dis" him or her. However, the Truth of the English language is that before there can be "disrespect", there must first be "respect." This Reality implies a certain amount of responsibility on the part of all parties to first respect others. As is exemplified by the general behavior of those who most frequently use the slang term “dis”, just as they are only using a part of the full word, their actions are only partly complete. Most of these individuals have no respect for other people, i.e. authority, Society, other gangs, etc. Yet, they want to be given respect. Using only part of the word allows individuals to use its meaning without being responsible to it.  
     Relative to the body, let us examine the meaning and usage of the word “Diet.” The first definition that comes to mind when the word Diet is uttered is related to weight loss. This definition is Food and Drink selected or limited by the amount a person eats for reducing weight. Because of our focus on weight loss, rarely do we consider the full definition of “Diet” with regard to our Health plan. We try this Diet, and that Diet, hoping to find the Diet that allows for the quickest result. It is the successful “Dieter” who has embraced the full definition of this word. It is the usual, habitual, or regular Food and Drink a person consumes. It is the consideration of Food and Drink in terms of its quantities, qualities, composition, and its effects on Health. In Truth, we must understand that a Diet is not a short-term change in our eating habits. It is a long-term change aimed at producing a healthy body.  
     Relative to the Soul, the meaning and use of the word “Guidance” needs examining. Many pray or ask for Guidance toward the resolution of circumstance. “Guidance” is the act or process of showing the way. In most instances, this request for Guidance is actually an expression of the desire to give up control over one’s actions, or the responsibility for those actions. Guidance is information. It is each individual’s responsibility to control the motions of their bodies throughout the moments of their lives. This is done by using the information one is exposed to as a guide for those actions. To desire Guidance is to want the information one deems pertinent to their direction through Existence. With such knowledge, the individual is still responsible for the actions of their body. 

     As words are an essential part of the Human existence, they are therefore a part of the Divine System of Nature. Using them is how we make our part of the System work. We must all become literate, we must all become knowledgeable, and we must all become good “understanders” and communicators. As we complete the words we use and come to a more full understanding, we bring understanding to a natural conclusion. This will facilitate the actions that result from those words being full and complete, making them a rightly functioning part of the System. This brings the circumstance of our existence to full circle. The System of Nature gave us Positive flowing energy in the form of Existence. To maintain the perpetuation of this flow, each of us must move (or follow the flow) in the Positive direction. For our Species, this Positive direction is established by choice. We must see every circumstance through to its end. We must resolve or seek resolution. The words must have a beginning and end, for the actions to have a beginning and end. The direction of these actions must be Positive, so the thoughts that lead to them must be Positive. We must all think Positive, and we all know what that is. We know the words that are Positive, and Positive words produce Positive actions. Some of those Positive words are moral, ethical, honest, fair, civil, etc. So we have to think Positive, talk Positive, act Positive, be Positive. We must educate ourselves so that we are knowledgeable enough to produce and utilize the Right words. The state of our mind that will lead to this Positive perspective is objective. The direction of the actions that result from this mindset is Positive. We must strive to be both objective and Positive.

      What this all means is that words are not simply something that we use to communicate, they are binders. Words bind Humans to each other, which is what leads to social structure. Words bind Humans to actions. These actions fulfill our requirements to the Divine System of Nature. The Human label for this action of “binding” is responsibility, and responsibility is required action. Humans are responsible to each other, so there are certain actions that are required of each of us during our interactions. Humans are responsible to social structure and order, so there are certain actions that are required of each of us during our actions within Society. Humans are responsible to the Divine System of Nature, so there are certain actions that are required of each of us during our existence upon our planet. The direction of the actions that satisfy these responsibilities, to be spiritually Right and fit into the flow of the Divine System of Nature as defined by both our Holy Books and the Electromagnetic foundation of Existence, is Positive. We must work toward growth (i.e. have Positive movement) to make it easy for the proper changes to occur within ourselves as individuals and as a collective Species of Animal.

    If words have a spiritual relevance and significance, then Reality has a spiritual relevance and significance also, because words are the result of a need to communicate the perception of Reality. This also means that each of us must recognize that every situation, every circumstance, every event, every moment that Life is in existence, every part of Reality has some divine or spiritual relevance and significance. This may be hard to conceive of within the context of our current understanding of Divinity and/or Spirituality. However, if it is recognized that our Species is a part of the Divine System of Nature because we are in scientific terms (words) “Animals”, the picture becomes a bit clearer. The Divine Energy of Life created the System of Nature to sustain Life. As a living Being on this Circle, what we perceive as Reality occurs relative to the spinning of our Earth. This spinning action is responsible for our existence. Therefore, all Life on our planet exists within the confines of the Divine System of Nature. For all these reasons and more, we must embrace the relevance and significance of Spirituality to our existence. What is this relevance and significance? If the Divine Energy of Life has domain over all of Nature because it all came from the Divine Energy of Life, one must conclude that “GOD” (or the principles of the Divine Energy of Life) is a part of every moment of Human life and of all that exists.

     If the “Source” of Divine Energy has within it the intelligence to create all of this, along with a consciousness that the Human consciousness is patterned after, then we can infer that there must be a reason for all of the effort other than boredom. As some Humans interpret things, the creation of all that exists seems to have occurred over a very extended period of time. Therefore, Existence could not possibly be an orchestrated circumstance with a purpose. Yet, we must not forget that Time is a label that is relative to the Human’s interpretation of its perception. Therefore, without the Human, Time as we know it does not exist. Other Animals function within a cycle during the time that they are alive. However, it is not a conscious one to the degree that they recognize that it is literally as a span of moments, nor as it being “time” to do this, that, or the other thing. Theirs is a natural, instinctive, intuitive Existence. If it were true that “GOD” created the scenario of our existence with a purpose, for "Him" it could very well take place within what we would term "the blink of an eye." Simply because this possibility exists, we must recognize the Revelation of the circumstance, and the perspective that this realization creates. If this "blink of an eye" were possibly true, it would create a need for a broader spectrum of interpretation. We would also need a greater understanding of the possible relevance of the circumstance of "destiny" and incorporate that into our mindset. For all any one of us knows, there may very well be a purpose to Human existence. Regardless of what that purpose is, every waking moment of our respective individual and collective lives, every action, religious or otherwise, has some spiritual relevance and significance. 

     Why did “GOD” create Life in general, and the Human in "His" image? What our Species has labeled “GOD” is truly pure, Positive energy unlike anything we imagine. A comparison manifested here on our Earth that can be made is with the energy at the tip of a welding rod. It is controlled. It is so white and bright, the naked eye cannot look at it. The heat of this energy is so intense it can burn through metal. This is but a fraction of the energy of which the Divine Energy of Life is composed. Imagine “GOD” (the Divine Energy of Life) as Fire magnified a gazillion-trillion times, with an awareness or conscious control of that energy and power. In this form, our Creator has knowledge of everything. However, if my interpretations are Right, "He" does not have access to the knowledge derived from “experience.” This is derived from seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting. If our “GOD” were truly composed of intense Positive energy, these senses would not be present. Think of being burned by a Match or some other source of Fire. The intense heat supersedes all other sensation to the point of deadening the ability to sense. Within this context of understanding, it is my contention that “GOD” created living things to manifest “Himself” into this physical dimension. This was done for the sole purpose of experiencing this Reality, to actually grow into more than "He" is already. This is accomplished by utilizing the knowledge gained throughout all the moments of time experienced by living organisms as well as Human consciousness. The experiences of every blade of Grass, every Tree, every Sea and Land Animal, is transferred back to “GOD” along the Circuit (circular path) the Divine Energy of Life that keeps us alive travels. Just as in the comparison to a phone line, “GOD” sends us energy and knowledge, and we send back the same. Humans were created “in the image” of “GOD” as a means of "His" gaining knowledge by physically, through us, projecting “Himself” into this dimension.
     As "GOD's" instrument in this endeavor, this is what we Humans must do. Each of us must experience this Reality as fully as possible, and grow by means of expanding our knowledge. This pursuit of experience or process of growth, is what we have labeled “living.” It is supposed to occur within the context of how “GOD” intended it to work. Think of it as an experiment. Within the context of those thoughts, consider what would be the normal course of action if an experiment does not work. One would discard it and start anew. The process of discarding the experiment of our existence is “the End Times.” The outline for the system of actions (or behavior) that the experiment is to follow is contained within the pages of the Holy Books of our Species, and the structure of each is patterned after the Atom. This is our Reality. The words within these Holy Books may seem to be the story of the history of the Human Species, but these words are actually meant to lead us to the actions that conform to the physical responsibilities we have to the System of Nature. The message within these Holy Books is sometimes difficult to interpret for various reasons. For example, what parts are to be taken literally, and what parts figuratively? Recognize that as any given prophet interpreted the Revelations he or she was exposed to, the question remains, “did he or she choose the proper wording to define their experiences?” Whatever the answer is relative to an individual Seer of Divine Truth, the essence of the message within these Holy Books is very clear and simple. It is that Humans are to act in a Positive manner. This Divine Truth is verifiable when it is understood on the basis of what Science says is physically true about the System of Nature, and what we know about Spirituality and Divinity, if the examination is done from the proper perspective. That proper perspective is objective.

     Opening one's mind up to the degree that the contemplation of Reality includes all of the variables that can be conceived of is difficult. This is where we are humbled before “GOD”, and must utilize the awesome power of faith to deal with what our minds can conceive. We must apply faith in the process of reconciling and rationalizing that "unknown" factor of circumstance that could possibly be relevant. That "unknown" factor does exist because none of us knows all there is to know, and this is verified because none of us knows the definition of the Source that gives us Life. This in itself is the only example of the Truth of our humility that we need. Recognizing, processing, and applying this in perspective during the time of an individual’s life can seem like an exhausting task, when it is projected across the spectrum of all mental application. However, the energy, mental capability, and awareness that we need to achieve this goal is hidden in the untapped resources of our minds. It is that capacity of the mind that Science says we do not utilize. It is accessible through our combined movements, our activities. These are our spiritual activities, mental activities, and physical activities, all of which result in knowledge. For the Human Species, knowledge (words) is everything. Unless you "know", nothing really matters. Knowledge (words) is what aids the Human in guiding its actions. The knowledge derived from our consciousness is the Human contribution to its natural guidance system. Our feelings, impressions, and intuitions, along with the knowledge (words) we gain, are truly the spiritual elements that guide us through the motions of our lives. The contemplation each of us indulges in during the course of our daily lives as we experience and explore causes an increase in mental activity and capacity. Once we open up our mental resources, we must apply them or lose them.

     We must understand that all of the knowledge and energy realized by the Human Species was given to it by “GOD” for the sole purpose of producing growth. Processing (which is a system) that knowledge produces individual growth. Sharing what we know and learn with the Human collective, i.e. Humanity, produces social (collective) growth or Civilization. It is a natural occurrence to prosper when knowledge is attained and shared. From this individuals must infer that because it is a natural occurrence, it is "GOD's" purpose that knowledge (words) be shared in an effort to achieve a higher plane of understanding and prosperity. In our reverence of “GOD”, as we do not know all there is to know, we must have faith in the divine order of things. To share knowledge naturally increases its value and capacity for benefit because as it is passed along, each individual who encounters it adds it too. Sharing knowledge will naturally give us the tools to solve the puzzle that is our destiny. Consider the Truth within the following realities. One, our lives are revolving around the exchange of words. The majority of the jobs that fuel our economy are now based on the exchange of information, rather than labor. Two, the exchange of information and Communication in general is now a primary aspect of our lives. It is what we do for work and play. Entertainment is fast becoming more visual and intellectual, as well as being computer-oriented. Three, an example of this being our destiny is the fact that the Information Superhighway will tie all intellectual disciplines together, creating a database of all knowledge, in essence linking it together. The foundation this technology was built upon is an element of Nature, a single grain of sand. Sand is found on most every shore of the Sphere. Is knowledge that is derived from the resources of every corner of the planet not to be shared by all the planet’s inhabitants? The answer is no, all knowledge is to be shared. These Revelations must make us recognize the relevant importance of words and the significant part they play in our lives.  

     Scientific empiricism is the label for a philosophy that emphasizes the logical unity of all Sciences, as well as a systematic analysis of language. It has also been called the Unity of Science Movement. We must all embrace the connection between disciplines of knowledge. Either through a lack of understanding or from purposeful manipulation, many of us limit the application of this understanding to the arena of thought one wishes to affect. An example of this is our avoidance of the Truth that the discipline of thought we label Theology, Spirituality or the Reality of the Divine Energy of Life, is as relevant to Human existence as Physics, Mathematics, Psychology, or any other system of Theories, Rules, or Principles by which the Human has been enlightened. This is because all knowledge is connected. Each is a part of a whole Truth, derived from one divine source. There is a pattern within which words flow. The pattern lies within the depth of understanding the connection of one word to another. It is evidenced where single words mean different things, depending upon the context in which they are used. This pattern, which includes the nature of "Root" words and the utilization of words across intellectual disciplines, is at the core of our Spirituality. It is the basis for the realization that all information and knowledge is linked together.  
     For example, most all of us have heard the phrase, “…the fruits of labor.” We also know that the following statement is attributed to the Almighty, “…be fruitful and multiply.” Most take the latter as referring to reproduction. However, with regard to the pattern I speak of, the connection to which I have referred is exemplified by the use of the word “fruit” in both instances. I submit that the (energy and) knowledge derived from the Divine Energy of Life is universal in that it applies to our entire Existence. From this viewpoint, I think it is a safe inference to interpret the latter directive to mean that not only are we to procreate, but we are to work and prosper as a divine decree. This would be a part of the “whole” Truth of this directive. The word "Whole" came from the same root word that "Holy" does. Just as we make our knowledge of Mathematics, Psychology, and other Tenets a part of our Reality, so too our knowledge of “GOD” (the Divine Energy of Life) must also be a part of our existence. This is because Spiritual Reality has domain over any other perception of Reality interpreted by Humans. We look to the Holy Books of our Species for the full explanation of our Spirituality. What we must do is put the Truths of the Holy Scriptures together with all the other Truths of our Reality, to determine a more complete interpretation of the “whole” Truth. 
     We must embrace our common goals as defined by the definition of Species (Science). We must allow the energy within us derived from the Divine System of Nature to spew forth in a Positive direction by having the goodness of “GOD” in our Hearts (Spirituality). We must accept our responsibility to contribute with our actions (Newton's Laws of Motion; Physics) to the Community (Sociology). We must seek to understand and improve ourselves (Psychology, Philosophy, and Astrology) so that we can get the most out of our existence and realize our wants/desires (Humanity). Based on a truthful interpretation of this bit of Wisdom, one can see the need to apply knowledge from all known disciplines to the task of evaluating the nature of Human existence. The challenge we face is whether we can elevate our consciousness to the next plane or not. On this plane, Good triumphs over Evil. It is where our energy, flowing in a Positive direction, overcomes the influences of Negative attraction. This is accomplished by the Human Species embracing the Reality of "GOD's" Word. We are all "GOD's" Children, regardless of our ethnic lineage, and we must have faith in “His” Word while living out the ideals derived from the teachings of Jesus Christ.

     Along with so many different religious belief systems, there are so many different interpretations of our Holy Books. Each group takes their interpretations as objective fact, rather than subjective belief. Then they allow these subjectively created facts to determine the direction of their actions. Books of history, of which the Bible is one, are to aid and guide us through the journey of our lives. They are not to strictly define the steps we are to take. We must react to the actions of Reality in a Positive manner, using the words of our past to show us the way to Positive resolution. We must look at our existence objectively. As well, we must do what is Positive to bring our wants/desires in balance with those with whom we interact. We must equate. The prophecy throughout the Bible, and/or prophecy in general, is all up for interpretation. Yet, an objective glance at the realities of our Society and Humanity as a whole easily indicate that our Species is heading in a destructive direction. It is one that could easily lead to what is described as “Damnation.” Irrespective of our interpretations of the written word, each of us can see the realities before us all. We must react to what we face in a Positive manner if our moments are to have a Positive resolution.
     As each of us seeks to perfect or better our efforts relative to “GOD”, we must embrace the fact that our Spirituality is a natural part of our Being. As well, our entire Being is a part of Nature. We must open our minds beyond the subjective interpretations each of us has made. We must re-examine the words of our spiritual past and see the objective Truth in them. We must do this with the understanding that there are a greater number of more specific descriptive words now than there was when these original writings were compiled. Therefore, utilizing our power to infer along with allowing our interpretation to take into consideration the “implied” meaning of certain words relative to the context of their use, the circumstance they are relevant to, and our greater vocabulary, we can and must come to a better understanding of what is true. Each of us must then allow these Truths to guide us in a Positive direction as we collectively move into our future.

     Members of a socialized Species, be they Ants, Bees, or whatever, share aspects of their individual existence with the at-large Community. The characteristic of the Animal Kingdom that is unique to the Human is the ability to develop and utter words. Language is a tool that is a product of consciousness, and is used specifically to communicate or share information. For the true value of information to be realized and to utilize it to its fullest potential, it must be shared. Therefore, now that one Human Being (me) has been awakened to the Reality of “GOD” through the link between the physical and spiritual realities revealed to him, the rest of Humanity must now raise itself to that level of consciousness. It is the same as with the Information Superhighway. Now that it exists, we are seemly left with but one choice. Each of us must choose to elevate ourselves to the level of consciousness that will allow all to reap the full benefit this medium holds. We must incorporate what we have learned into our existence.
Remember, this came out
of me over 18 years ago and its RAW/unedited.