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of me over 15 years ago and its RAW/unedited.
     What does it mean to “open your mind?” It is to humbly recognize that no matter what you believe to be true, because you do not know all there is to know about existence, you cannot limit your process of examination to take into consideration only what you know, you must be ready to embrace other possibilities. Moreover, whether or not you can conceive what those possibilities are, you must be objective to the degree that you consider the possibility that there is more meaning to be determined. It takes a strong, mature mind and a strong character to believe in something, but to understand that belief may fall short of the whole truth. It takes this same strength and maturity to come to a realization that those same beliefs may be misplaced all together, and not allow that recognition to manifest itself into a paralyzing “doubt.” This is an open mind. For example, I love to present this theory when I’m amongst friends. They always enjoy the way I embellish while telling it. I would like you to consider this: The human is the only animal with a need to fashion articles of dress to protect its body from our Earth’s elements. The system of Nature has created a natural way for all other animal species to adapt. The human has a need to create an artificial environment for itself, via air conditioning and heating systems. These ways of adapting to our Earth’s natural environment are foreign to the animal kingdom as a whole. The human also fashions other sophisticated tools and toys that are not needed and probably not desired by any other species on our planet.  
     Of all the animals that survive within our natural earthly environment, the human is the only one that has a pre-occupation with looking up at the stars. The human is the only animal species that looks to the stars with wonder in its eyes. When the human looks up, it recognizes the dimension of existence beyond the blue sky and clouds. It recognizes existence beyond a point perceive of by any other animal species. The human is the only animal interested in leaving our Earth’s atmosphere. Humans are the only animal species to have exercised their willingness to leave the planet all together. It is as though our species has some innate knowledge of our ability to travel among the stars. One answer for these curious observations might be that the human is the only intelligent, sentient member of the Earth's animal kingdom. Then, there is still the matter of the missing link in the evolutionary chain between the most highly evolved primate and the modern human. The religious community has an explanation for all of the above, but the scientific community does not. So having laid my foundation, maybe I can fill in the gaps with something somewhat plausible. 

     There is hard evidence that dates back centuries that strongly suggest beings from another world with humanoid form have visited our Earth. Picture this: What if beings from another world were traveling the galaxies on a research expedition and they come across a planet of lush vegetation, plus a wide variety of animal species that all live in harmony with each other. It is such a natural, harmonious environment that the only killing that goes on is that which takes place within the structure of the food chain and ecological balance. These “Space Explorers” begin making regular research visits to this new world that require stays of several months. Perhaps during the evening of one of these visits, after the day’s work was completed, something out of the ordinary happened. The spacemen (spacewomen were not allowed on these trips because of the future reproductive concerns) were sitting around the campfire outside the spaceship drinking spaceman hooch and telling cosmic fairy tales. While this was going on, one member of the party again spots a group of primates curiously watching them as they do often from afar. As the night grows old and the level of intoxication from the hooch rises, this spaceman's hormones start to remind him how long it has been since he has seen his mate. He tells his comrades that he is tired of taking matters in his own hands, and has decided to capture one of these inquisitive primates to help him get that monkey off his back. As his buddies look on, he accomplishes his task and succeeds in releasing his frustration. The others, not wanting to be left out in the cold, capture a pal for themselves. They then build a holding-pen to keep them captive and available. After a period, one of the researchers decides to check into the possible results of their "close encounters", and finds they all are about to become fathers of yet another, very unique species to be added to the Earth's animal kingdom (except for one spaceman, but that’s another story). Since they cannot detect any possible problems with allowing the delivery of this new species to occur naturally, they decided to pack up and leave (just like a man), intending to drop by from time to time check on the progress of their kin. This could explain our difference from the other members of the animal kingdom, and the whereabouts of the "missing link."

     Not one of us knows the truth of creation. Therefore, the whole truth is yet to be known. I am capable of telling this story without destabilizing my belief in God. The foundation of my personal religious belief system is not based upon an alien intrusion in our Earth’s existing system of Nature. I know in my heart and soul that there is a divine entity, which I have learn to refer to as God. Whatever the story of creation is the task before us is the same. Whether it is to fulfill our responsibility to God and the system of Nature, or it is to show some group of alien superiors that we are worthy of continued existence, we are to develop rightly. We must grow into the best we can become as individuals and as a species.
     There is an interesting theory in philosophy. It is called the “Relativity of Knowledge.” It is the theory that knowledge of what things really are, is not possible, since knowledge itself is dependent upon the subjective nature of the mind. What this means is that by allowing our individual process of reasoning to be influenced by our own personal interests, prejudices, or emotions, we keep ourselves from recognizing what things really are. The actuality of knowledge or truth as it were, is relative to a person’s ability to be objective. In the interest of being more objective, individuals must open their mind up to a less subjective interpretation of our earthly existence.
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