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     Our government must ensure the safety of our citizenry within United States borders as well as that of our citizens when they travel abroad in this hostile world.  It is the responsibility of a society to protect its members.  Because of the awakening that occurred as a result of the attacks on September 11, 2001, the areas of concern regarding public safety need to be broadened.  For these reasons, we should have a nationalize Public Safety System.  This is centralized command of police departments, fire departments, emergency rescue squads, and the like.  The entities that provide these services should never be without adequate funding.  As well, additional branches of security will need to be established aimed at specific areas of concern.  One of which will be the protection of American citizens as they travel abroad.  Protecting our citizens who travel abroad should be a priority for our armed forces.  With the proper training and an emphasis on professionalism, our armed forces and/or security forces can become a viable, honorable, and prestigious employment option for our youth. 
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