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     I consider myself an average baby-boomer. I’ve worked for the same construction company for more than thirty years and counting. It has allowed me to maintain a comfortable, stable lifestyle. I’m indulgent of myself, having never married or produced any offspring. I’m a law abiding, conservative liberal.  I am concerned about the future and my retirement, the direction of our nation, the disregard and rape of our Earth and the impact thereof, etc. My love for our planet, as well as my appreciation and commitment to America, the land of my birth, are very strong elements of my character. They are parts of the foundation upon which my values and ideals are built. As well, my love and appreciation for my ethnicity, my blackness if you will, is another strong element of my character. In no way do I want to imply any disregard or apathy for Caucasians or any other nationality. However, it is the
Black-American people who are about to become an endangered hu- of Man. The words of this book are for all to read, but Black-Americans must recognize these truths with urgency. This is because they are facing reality in much the same way that an ostrich gets through parts of its day, by sticking its head in the sand. As determined by the content and direction of their actions, many Black-Americans are not seeing reality for what it is, choosing instead to create a reality that fits their perspective,
as most all of us have a tendency to do. Black-Americans must pull their collective heads out of the sand and face the truths that surround them.  

    My message is for all my brothers and sisters, be they Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, or whatever. It is for us all because we are all members of the human family.  We are a single species of animal. However, my greatest hope is to cause Black-American males in particular to work at making this world a better place.  All of us must face reality, and Black-American males are no exception.  These words apply to us all as Americans, but irrespective of what any other sub-culture or ethnic group does with this wisdom, Black-Americans and specifically males, must recognize these things or they will be systematically annihilated. My use of the word “systematically” is not intended to imply that the “White establishment” is conspiring to eliminate Blacks from the face of our Earth. What I do mean to imply is that within our system of existence, continual negative action begets continual negative reaction.
     If Black males were to take hold of their existence and collectively guide themselves in positive directions, their contributions would actually serve to bring all the peoples of the world closer together.  Their collective contributions would enrich not only the Black community, but also
America as a whole.  I believe our collective positive impact would contribute to the global systems of existence becoming a more whole functioning unit.  Within the confines of the parameters of American society in terms of the liberties and opportunities for prosperity, this can be collectively accomplished if we embrace the truth that the positive energy that gives us life inherently guides us to be positive in our environment (this is my way of saying you can feel it).  We start the process by manifesting positive family, ethical, moral, and spiritual values through the positive direction of our actions. 

     Realistically, if all Black-Americans were to act in a positive manner collectively, supported by all
our social support systems, literally the whole world would go in a different direction. The human conditions of existence would be utopian in as short a time as perhaps 16 years (2032). If we applied ourselves in education and business, we would accomplish so much because as a people, we are capable of such great things, as evidenced by our true history upon this planet. In tribute to Anglo-Americans, they have built one hell of capitalist system here in America, with our (often times unacknowledged) help. If Black-Americans were to be honest, we would have to admit that Anglo-Americans have made efforts to integrate us into this system. It is not only the divisive attitudes of some within the White infrastructure of American society that is keeping Black-Americans from experiencing great prosperity. What is now holding us back are our own racial attitudes. Black-Americans are the ones who must now truly let go of “racism.” We are the ones most affected by racism, and we have a bias view of those of Caucasian ancestry. By letting go of the past deeds of the “White” race, we can begin to put our own race back together.

     Black-Americans who have not entered into the mainstream of American life have to face reality. They must turn away from the direction the negative impulses generated by selfishness and greed lead to, and go in the positive direction toward the advantages and opportunities already existing within our society. Each must embrace whatever help is offered, while being committed to the idea of helping themselves. We must all build on our assets with our creativity and energy. We all know there is a part of the Black-American population that is negative and hateful towards Anglo-Americans. As well,
there is a part of the Anglo-American population that is negative and hateful towards Black-Americans. This makes the task of “mutual” acceptance difficult, and to some degree, undesirable for those of that persuasion. Coexistence and integration of all citizens into the mainstream social structure is not negative within the context of Nature (spiritually), nor in a practical sense (worldly) because of the rewards of this society. For Black-Americans, the example of the viability of integration exists in the precedent set by those desiring a “normal” American way of life. Differences and conflicts based on race existed in the suburban community where I grew up. However, our common value system held us together as a community despite those differences and conflicts. This is not to say that all the work on the racial problems in our land has been done. However, not one of us, White, Black, or whatever,
can let the issue of race hold us back as individuals, as a community, or as a country.  
     American citizens, regardless of their ethnic lineage, have an advantage because the social system
is tilted to benefit the taxpaying consumer. Each of us must utilize the advantages of the social system without regard to difference. If an individual encounters discrimination, then deal with it as a single occurrence. Not one of us can allow this one circumstance to paralyze our ability to deal with the rest of the circumstances of our lives. Every individual has the right to identify with his or her own ethnic group. There is nothing wrong with an individual having a good feeling about his or her ethnic group, so long as that person accepts the fact that others may feel this same way about their ethnic heritage. There is a competitive streak in individuals that is a part of human nature. If one is not open-minded enough to recognize and rationalize this fact, he or she will interpret these feelings in a very superficial manner, which is a contributing factor in racial bigotry. As Americans, we cannot allow our personal desires to cause us to do anything that adversely affects our social system because it is this social system that allows us the opportunity to be individuals and have attainable personal desires. When
one lives within the confines of a social structure, that person is a part of that cooperative structure regardless of what that person may think. Everything that person does affects that structure whether
it is negative or positive. Presently, the word “freedom” is taken too literally.  
     Our individual freedom must be exercised within the parameters of the social structure.
Written laws and implied codes of conduct relative to the definition of the word “civilized” define
these parameters. The freedoms experienced within this country are to be had by all. The wrongs that Black-Americans experience are basically the result of the subjective administration of policy and law. This must be changed from within. It is accomplished by those seeking change becoming an active element of the internal workings of the social system. Beyond this, the only way we as individuals can exercise our liberty to experience any freedoms is if we all respect each other as individuals.

     Being a Black-American myself, I understand this social system seems to have racist barriers built into the institutions of the system’s infrastructure. Black-Americans must understand that this is merely a perception based upon the interpretation of individual actions. It is not based upon the interpretation of the words that constitute the foundation of the system. Largely, the barriers faced
are created by the people administering the system rather than by the system itself. The fact that racism exists does not relieve its victims of the responsibility that each individual has for their own existence. Each of us must continue to strive to become a functioning part of every aspect of the social system so that we can bring equal consideration to the administration of the social system. We must strive to become everything from police officers, to judges, to politicians, to doctors, to CEOs and the like, so that we are counted among those administering the system. We must provide for our own existence within the social system, as is the responsibility of every (matured) living entity within the system of Nature. Our social system can be utilized to such a degree that Black-Americans could almost work around racism if we functioned as a unit. This is because of the nature of free enterprise. Individuals have to clean up their own houses before they can tell someone else his or her house is dirty. We as Black-Americans have to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps. There are government programs out there to help. However, those programs are setup merely to aid citizens with their personal efforts. If an individual has no personal effort, then the aid seems insufficient because too much is expected of it.  

     We all need to stop fighting the American social system and become a positive part of it. Dr. Martin Luther King protested peacefully rather than with violence because he felt integration, not revolution, was in the best interest of the people he represented as well as America as a whole. Revolution in America is a monumental task and beneficial to no one. The citizens of this country do not need to start a Revolution. Revolution is a circumstance that occurs when a people unite under one philosophy that is contrary to the philosophy of the government. In a Revolution, it is the people who revolt against the government because the government does not work in the best interest of the people. In our time, our government is perhaps the best it can be with our present level of participation. It is not the government that the people must revolt against, it is the negative forces affecting our lives that we
must tackle in unison with one another to depress what is negative and elevate what is positive.

     Black-Americans do not examine their problems as a united community, nor from a global perspective. The standard of living this civilization has achieved for its general populous is unprecedented in the history of Homosapiens on our planet. We must become a productive, positive part of the American populous. As bad as things seem here, the opportunities for individuals to have comfortable lives are better here than they are anywhere else on our planet. Elsewhere in the world, there are populations that have much greater barriers to overcome to meet basic everyday needs. When compared to those circumstances, the conditions of existence for average Black-Americans are luxurious. As each of us reaches for the satisfaction of our basic needs, those satisfactions are closer to our grasp than in most countries of the world. Globally there exists an economy unparalleled in the history of this orb we are on, and Americans live in the anchor of it all. We should all capitalize on the opportunities before us regardless of our difference, and continually work to change the problems that exist within this social system for everyone's benefit.  

     Many in the Black community blame their current position in life on past transgressions committed against our ancestors. The fact that Whites brought Blacks over here as slaves is a horrible tragedy. However, it is not terribly relevant to the degree that now we are here, and we must function within
the circumstances and situations that currently exist. White-Americans will never be able to makeup for what they have caused Black-Americans to lose as an ethnic group. However, the past is just that, the past. It is gone. We must learn from the mistakes that are evident in it. The present is now,
as these words are being read. The future is there for us to change. The world is moving ahead,
and Black-Americans must move ahead with it.
     Most everyone has heard the phrase "keep on pushing." This is what we must do. When one examines the road to maturity within any civilized social system, it is evident that all entities must
push themselves and work hard to make gains, while overcoming the hardships that are inherent to
the journey of life. All individuals must work for any gains they make in this society, whether they are economic, political, personal or whatever. Each of us must always continually strive to accomplish.
The nature of the existence of the hue of Man termed “Black” is one of everyday struggle. Each of us must recognize this as our reality and deal with it. What we work for in this country is a comfortable "style of living" that can be maintained over a lifetime. To enjoy a comfortable standard of living, one must share in the things that are within the mainstream of society. To enjoy any sort of a long-term, normal, comfortable lifestyle, one’s income must be earned legitimately. All the movements or actions of living things need to conform to the system within which they exist. This is not the law of the human. It is the law of Nature.

     Each mature adult within American society must strive to be the best individual he or she can become. This is because we are all role models to every child we come into contact with. Black-American men must aspire to positive things because like it or not, our youth look up to us as role models. All children do this. It is a part of the system of Nature. The young ones study and mimic the older ones to learn the ways of the world. As they desire to be like us (which is to do what we do and have what we have), they have to learn from us that the true avenue to prosperity is a legitimate one. Not one related to some sort of anti-social endeavor. The Black-American populous hanging out on the corners of our communities and generally up to nothing constructive are not making a positive contribution to our communities. Nor are they providing good examples for our children. Therefore, we must stop them from doing this. We in the Black community should be continually protesting their presence on our street corners, but we do not.  
     Black-Americans are not recognizing the truths in the moments before them, and they are not responding to those truths with conscious actions aimed at getting positive results. Our lives have always been a struggle, recognize that and deal with it positively. There is still racism here in America, recognize that and deal with it in a positive manner. There are serious problems in our communities, recognize this and deal with it by using positive action. There is a truth that all mature, competent individuals understand. It cannot be manipulated by changing a word here, or inserting a word there, or leaving out words altogether. It is the truth of what actions are positive, and what actions are negative. We control or choose our movements or actions through conscious thought. Because of this ability to “control” ourselves, all of us are responsible for manifesting the discipline it takes to choose the right action that corresponds to a respective moment and a given circumstance. Since this is true, individuals bare a good deal of the responsible for whatever situation they find themselves in,
stopping short of the use of armed force. If persons find themselves in a negative situation,
they must choose the action that changes that situation into a positive one. The right reaction
to that circumstance is not to do something negative, it is to do something positive.  

     A major factor in human existence that has brought about our progress as a species has been technology, a product of the human mind. An element of this factor is having an affect not only on human existence, but also on the human species itself. This element of technology is the computer.
It is drastically change the way we think and move. It will therefore alter the structure of human life. The structure of human life is civilization. The structure is changing on all social, political, and economic levels. To be a part of this evolution requires consistent access to a computer capable of allowing one to plug into the Internet or World Wide Web. This requirement infers a particular level
of economic status. This is because ideally, what will be needed is a stable residence, with consistent telephone or cable service to go along with the computer system and the Internet access provider.
The reality here to be recognized is that, before a person reaches the point where they are a part of this evolutionary process, all their basic needs must be met. What good is a computer if you are starving?
A person must be clothed and fed, and they must be without the stress produced by worrying about their basic day-to-day existence, so they can fully embrace the opportunity for growth. 

     Black-America must wakeup to the information renaissance that is occurring in the civilized world. They must face the revelation of the oncoming social, cultural, and economic changes that are occurring around them. Societies are evolving as a result of the Information Superhighway. As this process occurs, if anyone finds himself or herself in a position of not being prepared to compete for prosperity, that person will have none. To be a part of this evolutionary information exchange, one must be able to communicate using the words common to the system. This requires individuals to be literate and educated. If an individual is not plugged into the computer Age, the quality, direction,
and nature of that person’s existence will be irrevocably changed for the worse. During this period,
if an individual does not have consistent access to a computer and the Internet, within a time span
of a few years, that person’s earning power and lifestyle will diminish to levels they will consider unacceptable. That person’s understanding of the social system will be archaic and out of touch
with the times. Our capitalist economic system is based on supply and demand. If there is no market for something, it does not sell. Being out of touch with the times, that person’s presence and abilities will have no market, therefore, their prospects for sustenance and prosperity will be very limited.  

     Whether or not we are open-minded enough to recognize it, Americans of all ethnic backgrounds truly want the same things out of life. Some Black-Americans rebel against the efforts made to achieve integration, or what could also be called, "assimilation." However, the reality is that if an examination is made of every Black individual or family that has "made it", it would be found that in general, each has pursued and attained the things that produce a standard of living that mirrors that of what would be commonly associated with White-Americans. Black-Americans are truly a people of great intelligence, strength, and ability, but there are those that lack direction. The world of the Anglo-American can provide that direction if we accept America for what it is (reality) and build upon the foundation it has laid for each of us. For the Black-American, America is the land of our birth.
It is our homeland. Africa is our motherland. The American Dream may seem like a White-American aspiration. However, if given a choice, it is one we would choose for ourselves. If it is beneficial to each individual regardless of who it is associated with, then why not embrace this dream as a possibility
and strive for it?

     It must not be believed that all Whites hate Blacks because this is not true. It is a fact that there are organizations devoted to the hatred of Blacks (and other groups). It is also a fact that not all Whites are members of these organizations. A lot of the discord and hostility that exists in America is related to the fact that the majority of White-Americans have a certain vision of how American society should be, and a large percentage of the Black-American population is not contributing to this vision. This vision is of peaceful, prosperous existence through the mainstream system of American life. This is not an unrealistic desire, since we are in America. Black-Americans must embrace the reality that this society was founded on Anglo-Saxon beliefs. We live in this society and our greatest chance of success as defined by the nature of civilized comfort and middle-class social values is here in America. Therefore, it is up to us as individuals to make the most of the opportunities before us and to work to right the wrongs we are confronted with.
     The hostility that some individuals within the White race have toward Black people or other minorities cannot be condoned. We are all Americans, and we all must start working toward our own prosperity within that context. White-Americans hold the major of the positions with power in this country. Because of this, there is a good possibility of a Black individual will encounter a person who is biased. Truly, what difference does that make with regard to one’s own responsibilities? Each of us must still do what we need to do. Each of us must perform our required actions. In other words, each of us must live up to our responsibilities. With respect to those within the Black ethnic group, each of us must face the realization that we have minority status in this society. Even so, this society is capable of providing us with the style of living we desire. To achieve this desired standard of living, we must work within the social structure. Black-Americans who work hard, to a large degree have opportunities very similar to, if not the same as White-Americans within our social structure. There are prejudices within the structure, and we manifest some of those biases because of the direction of some of our actions. All subgroups within our nation have patterns of behavior that must be changed. If the social system needs changing, it does provide a lawful vehicle for affecting change. All Americans must use the social system to their advantage, rather than rebelling against what is still our best road to prosperity.  

     There is a reality to the circumstance of slavery that all of America must recognize. Whites must recognize that to re-establish the balance of existence created by the beginnings of life, they must fully embrace their responsibility for having destroyed the Black-Americans ability to be utterly and immediately self-sustaining by uprooting them from their natural living condition and destroying their past. Whites truly did destroy the foundation upon which Blacks were to build their future. Because of this, Black-Americans do not understand their relevance to the future. This is significant because time is continuous and connected. In essence, the past is connected to the present, the present to the future, and the future to the past. Imagine what it would do to the population of any large nation of today to forcibly conquer the citizenry and separate them from their land. In addition, to take them into the unknown and destroy their individuality to the degree that each can be totally dominated.
This is what truly happened, and the consequence of this cannot be changed, it must be overcome.  
     White-America must re-establish its understanding of the truth that being Black in America is truly a difficult venture. The psychological pressures experienced by Black-Americans that have resulted from the actions of White-America can be beyond belief. Take for example one burden Black men are forced to incorporate into their psyche. It is a subconscious burden derived from the actions of the past.  It has created a state of mind that is very difficult to get rid of. Black men must function around the possibility that, simply because of the color of their skin, on any given day and without warning or apparent reason, their life can change and become harmfully different than it has been.
It is anticipated that this change can occur irrespective of any of their own actions. It is, for the most part, beyond their control. It is a matter of conditioning that took many decades. This conditioning resulted from the fact that in the (not too distant) past, a group of Whites could, without warning, barge into the place where any man is expected to protect his family, the family home. That group of Whites could and would take any or every one of them outside and beat their ass, burn their house to the ground, rape or hang members of the family, and the victims (specifically the men) would have no recourse. It did not matter if these individuals were guilty of something or not. Moreover, it could happen because of the expressing a natural part of their humanity. These acts could be provoked by the expression of a natural emotion like happiness or anger. It could be provoked by a natural expression of one’s manhood like prowess or flirtation. Today, this state of mind is perpetuated by the vision of Black men being beaten by a cop when stopped for a traffic ticket, or being falsely accused of a crime
by a White woman who does not want to admit her own weakness. To have to live with subjugation is
a very difficult burden to bear. This burden is a factor that has contributed to some youthful Black males having created the "subculture" of drugs, Hip-Hop, and street gangs that they have, so they
have some place within which they can function where they believe they are beyond the “White Man's” influence. Some place they can be dominant and free from having to deal with this burden of not controlling their destiny in a natural sense. This may be hard for White-Americans to understand. However, it is a real reaction to the past actions of White persons, and as all reality is connected,
the responsibilities that have resulted from those actions must be faced.
     It is hard for White-Americans to understand such problems because they are not subjected to these actions. Any individuals reading this should consider how they would react if their character, ability, confidence, or self-esteem was totally disregarded in a circumstance. In addition, if solely because of some characteristic of their physical makeup, their physical safety was in jeopardy. For White persons to get some idea of what feelings and emotions Blacks must deal with and control, they should place themselves in this scenario without regard to color and see how they would respond. To go some place and once there, be confronted by someone who exhibited a hostile dislike for him or her for no apparent reason. Keep in mind that the hostile person has had absolutely no past encounter or anything in common with the “victim” other than that particular moment in time. Yet, “the perpetrator” shows intense hatred for them. Then, as that is being dealt with, it is also remembered that the group the hostile person belongs to perpetrated known horrible atrocities against the group
to which “the victim” belongs. On a daily basis, Blacks of all backgrounds encounter people who are hostile toward them not because of some offense they have committed, but rather because of something bestowed upon them by Nature, the color of their skin. In most civilized cases, if one White person was to come upon another White person and had never encountered that person before, these individuals would not exhibit any feelings toward each other, and the dealings would be truly objective. However, when the contact is with a Black person, some (and I mean a lot) exhibit negative feelings, and most times hostility towards that person and it is based solely on the color of their skin rather than anything that individual has done. White-Americans should then ask themselves how they would feel about the hostile person and the group to which they belong.  
     One reason some White-Americans have a hard time accepting the existence of what is referred to as "institutional" racism is because they are not subjected to it. The reason they are not subjected to it is that White-Americans have majority status in this country. The American cultural system is oriented around the Caucasian belief system and based on an Anglo-Saxon past. White-Americans have the positions and the power to “control” and/or greatly influence the lives of American “minority” groups. White-Americans hold the power positions in government, making the policies that shape all our lives. White-Americans hold the power positions in the corporations as well as in the educational system, making decisions on who works and how one gets educated. Because of this, there is no way for White-Americans to collectively experience institutional racism. When one is subjected to it, it becomes all too real. Truthfully, institutional racism is not the institutions of the society being racist in nature. It is the people who administer the institution’s policies and practices exercising their bigoted judgments while administering to those at the mercy of the system.
     Consider this; is it realistic to think that the many people with biased feelings and convictions have disappeared? Have those with biases as strong as those in the hate groups that perpetrated the horrendous acts in the South and elsewhere just suddenly given up their beliefs and adopted an unbiased approach to daily life? The real question is, where have the racists gone? A deeper examination of the actions that have generated recent events happening on a daily basis in our country reveals much of the answer to such a question. There was David Duke being embraced by a major political party shaping the policies that govern American life. A close examination of the long-range ramifications of the directives that were within the “Contract with America” is startling. There are cadets in our military academies aspiring to the ideals of the KKK and Nazism. Hate crimes are evident within the ranks of our military. Corporate executives have been caught expressing and practicing racial intolerance and biases. Restaurant chains have been exposed to have biased policies. Police departments contain officers that are clearly abusing their power by using excessive force when dealing with individuals belonging to particular “victim” groups. The once openly racist individuals have shed their markings and infiltrated the workings of our social system to accomplish their objectives. This is from where the truth of institutional racism is derived.  
    Without safeguards like civilian lobbyist and review boards, affirmative action, quotas, and the like, there is no guarantee of fairness for all Americans. White-Americans have to understand that the lack of evident fairness manifests itself into a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness in a person who already feels oppressed to begin with, whether or not that person is truly oppressed. White-Americans cannot close their minds to the truth that this society has greatly oppressed Black-Americans (and other groups) that are in this country. In this Country, Black-Americans receive the most hostility among the various minority groups. While it is up to White-Americans to acknowledge their responsibility for this circumstance, Black-Americans must wakeup to the fact that they are responsible for themselves as individuals and as an ethnic group. However, White-Americans must understand that for this to happen on a large scale, they must allow Black-Americans to empower themselves. They must allow and encourage them to organize, to become strong, to become prosperous. The interesting aspect of a (Black-American) collective agenda is that there is nothing wrong with maximizing one’s efforts towards advancing their own interests as long as they do not harm others. As a minority, there is nothing destructive for America as a whole to have Black-Americans pooling their economic power for their benefit. As American citizens, the prosperity of Black-Americans will benefit all Americans. However, it can only be beneficial if it is done within the framework of the American system.  
     Many White people are oblivious to the mayhem generated because of racism. Why is that? It is because the racist mentality that generates that mayhem is not an inherent trait of the White ethnic group. It is a state of mind held by many, but not the majority. There is no mystical connection of the mind between those within this group that generate negative energies and actions, and those who are opposed or indifferent to those energies and actions. It is the same in all other ethnic groups.
For example, there is no inherent connection that links upscale, suburban Blacks to inner city gangs and the street violence they commit, that would allow those in the suburbs to know what those in the cities are doing. When these atrocities are exposed, any and every ethnic group can determine what is right or wrong with the circumstance. This was evident during the Civil Rights era of the 1960’s. The abuses like the beatings, hangings, and use of water cannons were shown on TV. When a White person not of that locale saw another human being treated in such a manner, the right and wrong of this was clear. This natural distinction between positive and negative action increased White support of the Civil Rights Movement, because many had no idea of the magnitude of the acts that were being committed. Racism, like most sinful things, is supported by a foundation of understanding that contains a high degree of selfishness, and greed. These aspects of the human perspective are the
result of a superficial level of interpretation and understanding.  
     For White-Americans to expect there not to be some sort of resentment by Black-Americans for the actions perpetrated upon them, regardless of the rationalization, is unrealistic. For the short term at least, White-Americans must accept the fact that some Black-Americans harbor negative feelings about them that have resulted from the subjugation and hate-motivated atrocities perpetrated by people of Caucasian ancestry. Black-Americans must also accept the fact that some White-Americans harbor negative feelings about them based upon their skin color and the actions of a few. White-Americans must exhibit even more compassionate than they are, because to heal the wounds that have been inflicted, they must ultimately see their compassion and understanding as “partial-payment” of a debt. It is the same as if it was a family and the child told the parent, "I didn't ask to come here." Because that child’s being there is not the result of their own actions, parents have a responsibility to the child. Likewise, White-Americans have a responsibility to Black-Americans.
     Though the (North American) Indian has never truly benefited or accepted the European version of cultured civilization, their history is what will strengthen our understanding of why we need to allow our spiritual being to guide our lives. This group of individuals has known as great a hardship as any ethnic group on our planet. Like the Black-African, they too had rich fertile land because of their faith and respect for the spirit of Nature. As well, they too were forced into a life of domination. However, they held on to their belief system. Even now, when the world around them thrives on stimulation and satisfaction, they have accepted their circumstance to the degree that they exist day-to-day as they do. It is their faith and belief in “the spirits” from which they have drawn their strength. Their example to America is that though the nation is great, this greatness is the result of the labor, hardship, lives, and contributions of others. Though America can close its eyes to its past as it relates to Black-Americans,
it must always remain humble because the American Indian exist in monument to the fact that America does not belong to those of Caucasian ancestry. This land was taken from the natives who occupied this space in time, and it was done without equitable compensation. So for some to feel
and act as though no one belongs in America but the White person is wrong. The Pilgrims never “discovered” this land. It was never lost. One of my favorite analogies relates to the “discovering”
and settling of America. It goes something like this: White people discovered America in much the same way as if they discovered the “Red” man in his own car. “Hey man, I found you in your car, now,
I want your car.” Huh? There was no “discovery” of America. America was quite literally “come upon” by everyone who sailed here. 
     Hypocrisy is defined as being insincere. Hypocrisy is the pretense of having chracteristics or feelings one does not possess. In truth, it is any state of being to which reality and the truth of it are not adhered. A state of existence where the truth from the spoken word does not match to reality created by the related actions those words produce. Hypocrisy occurs when we say one thing and do another.
     Hypocrisy is a lie. It is denying the truth inherent to reality. An example of this occurs when some White persons say other ethnic groups should leave America and go home. “Home” is meant as the land from which their ethnic group originated. Yet, those who utter these words are not native to this land themselves. Their ancestors came here from England or some other European nation because they sought greater control over their lives. The original White settlers took this land from the indigenous population. The truth of what they are saying does not match the reality of the actions that occurred. Therefore, they are denying reality. They are manipulating the truth so that it validates the self-centered perspective they wish to have. By doing this, they are creating their own personal reality rather than dealing with the truth all of us to dwell in.
     It must never be forgotten that the Native American, the North American Indians, was here when
the pilgrims got here. This was their land. It is a reality that this is now by most considered the “White Man’s” America. However, how that transpired is also a reality. Therefore, it is now and will always be a debt for which the present-day America must make restitution. Likewise, the White-America must make restitution (reparations) to the Black-American for uprooting them and taking them from their motherland. The form of these reparations is debatable. However, one element of them is clear.
They must include compassion for and tolerance of the Black-Americans existence and the behavior derived from it. This is because the condition of their existence and their behavior are a natural occurrence, and they are in a large part due to the actions of the Caucasian ethnic group.  
     It was reported in July of 1994 that Audley Moore, then 95-years old and known as the Queen Mother by her neighbors in Harlem, had been fighting for decades to win government compensation for the suffering of Black-Americans that resulted from slavery. At that time an annual convention for N'COBRA, or the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America, had attracted several hundred people from across the nation. That movement grew after the 1988 success of Japanese-Americans in winning cash payments of $20,000 for each of the 60,000 survivors who were denied freedom and forced to live in internment camps during World War II. Since then, it was reported in 1998 that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce planned to solicit donations from U.S. corporations to compensate (White) slave laborers and others who were forced to work in German factories that were owned by American companies during World War II. One German fund contained $5.2 billion dollars, and many survivors claimed that amount was not enough. It was reported in February of 2000 that an Oklahoma State Commission recommended the State pay reparations for “one” of the Nation’s deadliest racial clashes. It was a little-known rampage by a White Tulsa mob. It occurred on May 31, 1921 and resulted in the death of nearly 300 people who were mostly Black. The Commission called
for such things as direct payments to survivors and the descendants of victims. It also called for scholarships and a tax check-off program to fund economic development in a mostly Black area
there, along with a memorial to the dead.  
     America is not in a position to pay financial reparations to Black-Americans for the tragedy of enslavement. The magnitude of the wrong itself, together with the length of time over which it transpired and the incalculable damage this atrocity caused make monetary compensation economically overwhelming. The interest alone on the proposed compensation of 40-acres and a mule would cripple, if not destroy the American economy. These facts do not alleviate this nation of its financial responsibilities relative to the Black-American community. However, what America lacks in the area of financial reparations, it must makeup for with compassion, understanding, and tolerance. White-America created the plight of Black-America, and to a large degree still perpetuates it. It was their negative action that started it all. American history is truly a difficult past for White-Americans to face. It is costly to face because concessions and compromises must be made in the interest of balance and harmony. The balance that is inherent in Nature applies to every aspect of existence. This is because everything that exists is a part of Nature. That means everything. We all must now take the positive steps toward our collective, prosperous future. To embrace reality and accept the truth is an exercise in humility for us all. I heard a Holy Man describe forgiveness in a very effective manner.
He said that forgiveness is not forgetting the wrong of another. It is not tolerating it. It is not ignoring it. It is not accepting it. It is not making excuses for it. It is not denying it ever happened. It is putting aside the wrong of another. It is releasing oneself of the burden of concern for the wrong. The citizens of America as well as the rest of the human race must embrace this definition of forgiveness for the sake of our collective future on our planet.  
     The differences that generated what we classify as races are the result of having dwelled in particular geographic location and having been environmentally conditioned. What the collective American society has to accept as a simple fact is that Whites belong to an ethnic group, as do Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and others. We all have different cultural backgrounds, and this does not strip any of us of our rights or responsibilities as American citizens. In America, we can exhibit any traditional behaviors we may want. However, we have to live within the structure of our society harmoniously,
by fully utilizing compromise and tolerance. As difficult and costly as it may be, Whites must face
and deal with the realities of their past actions, as well as the realities that lie before them. Whites in America enslaved the Blacks that were forcibly brought here, and they must responsibly deal with the profound reactions of those past actions. To do otherwise is to deny reality. The ancestry of White-Americans are responsible for the situation Black-Americans find themselves in to the degree that their group brought the Black group here under negative conditions and never intended for them
to be equals in this social structure. In addition, for the longest time the Black group was denied
access to the tools they needed to function here. Then once those tools were made available to them,
no one explained this social structure to them in earnest detail, not within the context of them being
a true part of it. Once Blacks were “set free”, they were denied adequate education. They were left to their own devices, and their plight is the result. That is also a part of the problem America presently faces, the lack of instruction regarding common behavioral parameters. This was not the native
culture for Blacks brought here then, and the nuances of Anglo-American culture are not natural
to Black-Americans now.  
    The fact that the first human of this planet is known to have been of Africa is not relevant to the importance of each individual race. We must take our understanding of reality (i.e. how the human came to be, etc.) and put the complete spiritual and worldly story together, so that we can all come together and believe the same thing. We must put the story of GOD and our material reality together and embrace it as a unit, so that we can perpetuate ourselves as a species on a new level of intellectual and spiritual development. Knowing of the past is so important. Whether it is general history,
personal history, or otherwise, it is important to know because when one recognizes where they have come from, they know where their future is to lead. One can see the strides that have been made.
One can see the paths that have led to various actions and realities. One will understand the possibilities that are open to them, and all this makes a person work harder to get where they
want to be. The history of a nation allows it to move forward as a unit.
     Black Americans are a critical part of the history of the United States of America. We may not know the full history of the ethnic group classified as Black on the continent of Africa because those facts have been eradicated. However, a positive future can be built on the foundation of our collective history on the continent of North America. For Black-Americans, it may not match the regally independent one from the mother continent; it is one of struggle, survival, goodness, and achievement marked by excellence. Whatever the history is, it is still a history, and it can be a foundation to build upon. Ever since the first individual stepped off a slave ship into this country, Black-Americans have been making vital contributions to the development of American society. Therefore, it is unrealistic for some White-Americans to think that society is not indebted to Black-Americans to one degree or another. As well, it is also unrealistic for Black-Americans to feel as though they are not a part of the American social system. The following is a list of a few contributions Blacks have made to further American civilization.

     Crispus Attucks (1723-1770) was the first American to die in the struggle for our nation’s independence. He was killed in the Boston Massacre on March 5, 1770 while leading a group of his followers in an attack on British soldiers in the streets of Boston. A monument to him was erected in 1888 in recognition of his sacrifice and contribution to the “first” victory of the American Revolution.  
Benjamin Banneker (1731-1806) was, among other things, a Mathematician, an Astronomer, a Surveyor, and an Inventor. He made the first wooden clock in America. He wrote the first scientific book written by a Black-American. He published an almanac that became the main reference book for farmers. He was the first Black presidential appointee in this country. He was the surveyor on the
six-man team that helped design the blueprints for Washington, D.C.  
Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable (1745-1818) was a Haitian who had a trading post on Lake Michigan. Among his accomplishments was his ownership of 800 acres of land. He was the founder and first settler of what became Chicago.
     George Washington Bush (1790-1863) led a group of American settlers from Missouri to Oregon in 1844. Once there, he was not allowed to live in the territory because he was Black. So he crossed the Columbia River and settled somewhere near Puget Sound. This was part of Canada at the time. It was his presence there as the first American settler that was the basis for the United States’ claim to the area, which later became part of the U.S. Once it became part of the Oregon Territory, his White friends petitioned Congress to allow him to retain his ownership of his property.  
Norbert Rillieux was born a free man in 1806. He transformed sugar from a high-priced luxury product into one that everyone could afford. He did this by inventing a multiple effect vacuum pan evaporator. This invention was also used to manufacture soap, glue, gelatin, and evaporated milk.  
William Alexander Leidesdorff (1810-1848), a pioneer in the development of California, was America’s first Black millionaire. His holdings included a 35,000-acre estate, and a 160-ton sailing vessel of which he was captain. He built San Francisco’s first hotel, and opened California’s first public school. He was an American diplomat, a member of the San Francisco city council, chairman of the school board, and the city treasurer.  
     Elijah J. McCoy (1843-1929) was born in Canada and educated in Scotland. In this country, he was denied employment in engineering because he was Black. As a mechanical engineer and inventor,
he invented a variety of things, including the ironing board and the lawn sprinkler. He found work
as a fireman for a railroad, oiling the moving parts of trains. It was so boring to him, that he invented
a machine to do it. A first, his “lubricator cup” made it possible to oil machines without having to turn them off. Most have no doubt heard the popular expression “the real McCoy.” This is a reference to him. It is indicative of the trust people had in his inventions.  
     Andrew Jackson Beard (1850-1921) was a farmer, inventor, and businessman. In 1889, he invented and received a patent for a rotary steam engine that was said to be safer and cheaper than other steam engines of the time. He also invented and patented improved plows for farming. He invented the “Jenny Coupler”, the automatic railroad car coupler, and his other railroad inventions saved many workers from possible injury.
     Jan Earnst Matzeliger (1852-1889), the son of an engineer, was born in Surinam, South America.
He traveled around the world as a sailor before coming to the U.S. in 1873. He patented several inventions, including one that revolutionized the shoe-making industry. It was a machine that made
an entire shoe. Sewing the sole to the upper part of the shoe was done completely by hand before he invented the shoe lasting machine. This invention is the foundation of the modern shoe industry.
His invention led to the emergence of companies that formed the United Shoe Machine Corporation, which was worth over a billion dollars by the year 1955.
     Granville T. Woods (1856-1910) was a brilliant inventor awarded at least 35 patents. The first time
he applied for a patent, it was for an improved steam-boiler furnace. During that same year, he invented a telephone transmitter that carried voices further distances with a better sound. He received a patent for a device that made it possible to send messages back and forth between a moving train
and a railway station, the synchronous multiplex railway telegraph.  He invented an overhead conducting system for electric railways and the “third rail” system for subways. He also greatly improved the efficiency of electrical motors. He invented the “dimmer” lighting system, which produced energy savings of up to 40 percent.
     George Washington Carver (1860-1943) was a botanist, an agricultural chemist, and one of
the greatest scientists of all time. From the oils, proteins, and chemicals of the peanut plant,
he developed close to 300 different products, some of which were instant coffee, face cream,
ink, shampoo, and soaps. He also discovered dozens of products from sweet potatoes, pecans,
and southern clay. These products played significant roles in the economic prosperity of the South.  
Bill Pickett (1870-1932) was one of the greatest cowboys who ever lived. He was the main attraction
of the famous 101 Ranch and Wild West Show, attaining national and international fame as a rodeo performer. Known as the “Dusty Demon”, he was the first Black cowboy admitted to the National Rodeo Hall of Fame in 1971.  
     Garrett A. Morgan (1875-1963) was credited with a number of discoveries and inventions.
One such discovery was a substance that straightened hair, which was sold for profit. His very
first invention was a belt fastener for sewing machines. He brought safety and order to our country’s streets with the invention of the traffic signal. With the widely used gas mask he patented in 1914,
he became a hero by rescuing some workers that were trapped inside a fiery tunnel. The thick smoke and fumes kept everyone else from entering the tunnel, even police officers and firefighters.
Wearing his gas mask, Garrett and three friends were able to rescue the men from the tunnel.  
     Frederick McKinley Jones (1892-1961) was an inventor whose accomplishments completely 
hanged the food transporting industry. He invented the first practical refrigeration system for long-haul trucks. He was a partner and vice president of the Thermo Control Company, which grew into
a $3,000,000 a year business. He was a consultant for the United States Defense Department as well
as the Bureau of Standards on refrigeration problems in during the 1950s. To help the war effort during World War II, he designed a special refrigeration unit to keep blood serum fresh for transfusions. His first patent was for a ticket-dispensing machine that is found in most movie
theaters. Other inventions and products to his credit are such things as transmitters, movie
projectors, air-cooling devices, and racing cars. Where would America be without air-conditioning
or refrigerators?  
     Dr. Charles Richard Drew (1893-1926) was among other things, an Author of scientific books.
He was an instructor of biology and chemistry, as well as the director of athletics at Morgan State University in Maryland. Every blood bank in the world exists because of his genius, since it was he
that developed a method for preserving blood plasma. Dr. Drew was the first director of the American Red Cross Blood Bank.  
     Otis Boykin was born in 1920. He was a college graduate that became a research engineer.
He invented some 25 electronic gadgets, many of which are used in computers and guided missiles.
He also invented an electrical regulating unit for the first heart pacemaker. Another of his inventions was a type of resistor that is still used in radios, televisions, and computers to this day.  
     Benjamin S. Carson, Sr. was born in 1951. He earned his bachelor’s degree at Yale University.
After attending the University of Michigan’s Medical School and being the first Black person to do residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital, he went on to become a great doctor and neurosurgeon.
Johns Hopkins Hospital made him the youngest Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery in 1984.
Being considered a pioneer in brain surgical techniques, he lead the first surgical team to successfully separated Siamese twins that were born joined at the head.

     Ida B. Wells Barnett (1723-1770) was a speaker, reporter, partner and editor of the Free Speech,
a Black newspaper. She was a co-founder of the NAACP. She was driven to crusade against lynching, traveling throughout the U.S. and Europe. Her primary weapon was A Red Record, which she published. It was a serious statistical analysis of tragedy of lynching in our country.  
Sojourner Truth (1797-1883) was a woman who could not read or write, but she became an eloquent public speak who for close to 40 years, lectured on the issues of abolition and women’s rights.  
     Harriet Ross Tubman (1820-1913) escaped from slavery, and then made 19 trips back into the South to guided more than 300 slaves to freedom via the Underground Railroad. She also helped free 750 others from slavery by leading some units of the Union Army on a raid into the South. During the Civil War, she was a scout, spy, and nurse for the North.  
     Madame C.J. Walker (1867-1919) was America’s first Black female millionaire. It all started in 1905, when she invented and patented a straightening comb for hair. She went on to build a manufacturing company that employed over 3,000 people. Her hair and beauty products were very popular in the U.S. and the Caribbean. She helped Black artists and writers get noticed, and setup scholarships at Black colleges and other schools. Her efforts continued after her death, as she left money to build a school for girls in West Africa. 
     Maggie Lena Walker (1867-1934) was founder of the St. Luke Consolidated Bank and Trust Company. She became America’s first female bank president. Besides these great accomplishments, she was a national director of the NAACP. She was also a member of the board of the National Urban League.

     These are but a few of the many Black individuals that have made personal, practical, cultural, conventional, primal, economical, industrial, political, territorial, agricultural, medical, and social contributions to the American social structure and way of life. From these and the many more positive works of Black-Americans, each and every American citizen must see that the greatness of our nation is the result of the efforts of every ethnic group contained within the social structure. Black-Americans specifically must allow these achievements to solidify their commitment to the nation of their birth, and inspire them to greater heights. Many may think of this as difficult to do. One has only to place himself or herself in the shoes of the Tuskegee airmen. What must it have been like for them during
the heat of battle, knowing they lived in a society that would treat them as though they were less than human after the war was over? All the while that they were fighting, they knew they lived in a land
in which they were treated in a repressive manner. Yet, they volunteered to fight for the ideals of this country. From this, the only understanding one can come away with is that in their hearts these men knew that both America and democracy were right for all people who chose freedom over tyranny. These men knew that once the war was over, they would have to come back and fight again, against the social structure to make gains towards equality. They knew that fight would also be won, because it
was right. These rewards could only be achieved within this social system, one they fought for and for which some gave their lives. This system is worth the effort to save, for all Americans of whatever hue.  

     Right this very minute and at any moment in the future, regardless of the difficulties or pains I may experience because of the circumstances of our American society, I would die for the perpetuation of democratic freedom in America. I would give my life so that America should live. I get such strength and power from my faith in the Divine Energy of Life, along with the patriotism and commitment that is in my heart for American ideals. Sometimes I feel like the most powerful person on our planet.
I fear no single law-abiding individual. Nor do I fear any element of American society because I know who I am. I know I am equal to anyone because we are all created equal. I am a Black-American male who acts in righteousness, has a positive direction, and has the lawful strength of the American social structure supporting him. That is nearly as strong as one gets on our planet, a Black-American male with the power of America behind him. When he reaches deep down inside himself, only the Black male knows the degree of that power. It takes strength to effect and endure change. The Black-American has had his and her fortitude tested by years of slavery and oppression. Our people have survived it with strength. Black-Americans have the power of America behind them because they are legal citizens of this nation. It is their birthright, and they must claim it. Black-Americans must face
the realities of their citizenship, and White-Americans must allow them to do that. Black-Americans
in turn, as a matter of responsibility, must commit themselves to this social system. For Black-Americans to benefit from the social system that the White founders of this country setup, they must commit themselves and their efforts to the system. It is an Anglo-American system. We must concede this fact and accept it because it is our American heritage. One’s existence in America is a reality,
so committing oneself to the right actions of the system that makes it exist is the same as committing oneself to reality. All Black-Americans must make this commitment. On pure faith, we as Americans must commit our individual efforts to GOD, to our country, to our families, and then to ourselves.
If we work to perpetuate these entities, and live up to our obligation as a living being within Nature’s system, we can only prosper. Then, the degree of our prosperity becomes a reflection of our efforts.  

     Through hard work (body), perseverance (spirit/energy/soul), discipline (mind), and a strong foundation of belief (GOD), I have created a comfortable, stable existence for myself. This is the result of the pursuit of what I categorize as divine perfection. It is the result of striving to get the most out of my abilities relative to my mind, body, and soul, and also out of the circumstances I face. I have not achieved perfection, divine or otherwise, by any means. Yet, the fruits of that pursuit (or the best I could achieve) have brought me security (peace of mind), comfort (peace of body), and love (peace of soul). These are the three divinely perfect things that bring satisfaction to human existence.
These things are what we all consciously or unconsciously pursue with our efforts (actions).
I am definitely one of a number of “average” human beings. However, I have pursued objective understanding and sought to apply it. Because of the humility I manifest in recognition of the reality
of my subordinate position to that which created me, I can be satisfied with the blessings I have received through my efforts, as guided by the spirit of GOD. The spirit or energy of GOD is the
Divine Energy of Life, and it flows in a positive direction. 

     Computers are connecting us all together and making our lives easier. There are some good jobs out there for people who have prepared themselves for them. There are people of all nationalities coming to our land and making money. Every other ethnic group in America can see the opportunities this country provides. If only the Black community would begin to structure itself the way that the rest of the system is structured (i.e. working together with a common set of values, working hard, pursuing the American Dream, etc.), we too could begin to prosper in America collectively. Black people are an intrinsic part of the global system. We must consciously do what is required of us to become a positive part of the human social system. We allow ourselves to be victims of racism by not “commanding” the respect of our peers. We gain this respect by coordinating our behavior and having it occur within the parameters set by the normal social standards of the social system within which we live. We can accomplish this through positive action. Take the Japanese people for example; they are a very strong people. They were defeated in war. They had two atomic bombs dropped on them, for crying out loud. In the view of the whole world they surrendered, a terribly humiliating experience. However,
they consciously decided that if they were not going to be a military world power, they would be an economic world power. They began to work within the social system of their existence to effect
positive change. They suffered through a negative action, and responded to it with positive action. Their population began to soak up knowledge as though it was their life’s blood. Look where it has gotten them. Japan is a country the size of one of the States within America, and now it is a world economic power.
     Black-Americans in this land must come together as a sub-group of the American collective, and do what must be done to help the whole group prosper. We must exercise our birthright here in the land of our birth. We must become a positive part of America. We must help to stop the violence, the drug abuse, and the crime in the communities of this nation. Look at all the Black males (as well as females) on the streets of our cities. Image what it would mean to the Black community and America as a whole if all those men (and women) were in college. What if all those men just went out, got jobs, and paid taxes? What would happen if all Black-Americans gave $10 a month to the NAACP to establish a human aid fund? Black-Americans could solve their problems in America, in Africa (our motherland),
and almost everywhere else. It is up to the Black-American male to take the first steps to ushering in the utopian state of existence. By helping himself, the Black-American male helps the world. This is not to infer that all the problems of the world will disappear overnight. It is not to imply that there will be no difficulties before the Black male in his quest for prosperity. However, the problems of the world are the result of the actions of all humans. It is up to each individual member of the global population to contribute energy toward solving those problems. Here in America, Blacks and Whites must form
a partnership aimed at making America greater than it already is. We must give love to receive love.

     Having a working understanding of GOD and goodness will bring to each of our lives the peace of mind it takes to accomplish ours dreams through adversity. This does not entail becoming a saint.
It means to accept the humility that is inherent in the finite nature of individual existence. It means
to give praise to the greatness of GOD to have created one as unique and special as oneself and others. It means to respect, aid, and protect all that GOD has created. It means to strive to find the gift(s) that GOD has given each person, and to share it (or them). This will enrich not only that individual,
but also all of humanity. Our society is on the verge of greatness beyond our collective comprehension. If we can stop the destruction that is taking place in all our communities and the Black community specifically, we can achieve mutual satisfaction through compromise and tolerance. If the Black community can become a completely positive contributing factor in American society, along with
all the other ethnic communities, America will truly be the greatest country on the face of the Earth.
The system that GOD (the Divine Energy of Life) created takes into consideration the fact that with
the immensity of free spirit within the human population, we cannot all think in exactly the same way.
Our natural system of existence has been setup to compensate for this fact. If we all have the same feelings in our hearts and our actions have the proper direction, this will be good enough. Each of us has a need to satisfy a sense of belonging. This is a part of what it is to be a member of a socialized species of animal. Because of this, each human will seek out people or groups that have the same attitudes and perspectives. This is why if individuals seek to transform themselves, i.e. become more spiritual and positive, salvation and prosperity will be created from a domino effect. Those that resist will be in the minority. Therefore, their harmful affects upon our society and our Earth will be minimal. Do not be concerned with the prejudices and misbehavior of others. Within the context
of our spirituality, know that each individual is divinely held accountable for his or her actions.
Each of us must be concerned with our own actions first and foremost.

     Everything on our planet can be viewed from the prospective of balance. All difference is to be combined to form “a more perfect union” of everything within the system of existence. This will
make the entire system of existence function at its best through the harmonious interaction of the elements of which the system is composed. Relative to our individual interactions, each ethnic
group has attributes that we can all embrace to enhance our individual and collective lives.
As civilized existence has spread across our planet, native cultures have embraced and adopted elements learned from and associated with other “foreign” cultures. We know this to be true because there are examples of this fact all around us. There are basic attributes inherent to each cultural ethnic group that are strong points of that particular ethnic group, but that are prevalent within each of us as individuals. This is not to imply that each individual population group does not contain the elements profoundly inherent in others. It does mean to imply is that one group is no better than another is, because each group was given gifts that were to be shared to form a “more perfect union.”  
     As we work towards forming a more perfect union, we must come to terms with the differences
that exist between us and embrace those differences so that they may enrich all our lives. What we must be objective about is ethnic background. As a nation of individuals, each of us must be concerned about the future into which our country is headed. Let us all collectively focus on that. Let us then
leave to each individual the task of growing into the best person he or she can be, built upon the foundation of the knowledge they derive from knowing of where they came from ethnically.  
     Just as we as individuals seek to get better, the support systems of our nation must get better as well. As this growth takes place, we must work to insure that the systems that support our lives are not administered in a discriminatory manner. There are advantages inherent to our support systems that are available to some groups of people and not others. This occurs within the context of compromise, and it must be tolerated. The administration of our social system must be balanced and fair, so that all the citizenry of our nation can trust that their individual growth can be built upon the foundation laid by the greatest civilization in human history. That civilization exists here in the United States of America.

     We must recognize the truth and act upon it, always. Our problems involving difference are truly
the result of a wholly subjective interpretation of reality. To overcome this, our attitudes and aspirations must transcend bigotry and greed, disregard and domination, rape and neglect. We must all seek to coexist in a balanced and stable way so that our positive flowing energy produces mutual satisfaction. Our individual movements must aid in the perpetuation of the flow of positive energy.  

      Imagine the results that would be manifested in America if White-Americans, Black-Americans,
and other minority groups put aside both negative thought and negative action, and combined their positive flowing energy to produce actions aimed towards mutual benefit. America would resemble Utopia, and it is there for all who look to see. We must use the history of human action on our Earth
to bind us together by nations. Each nation must be allowed to maintain its heritage and culture with patriotic dignity and respect. The country established by the founding fathers provides us with the liberty to be individuals that move freely within the context of a civilized society. However, there are
a large percentage of us that are now behaving in an uncivilized manner. If this continues unchecked, not a single one of us will continue to have liberty.

     What each of us must do is to better ourselves as individuals. Making our bodies strong is only
the beginning. We must seek to grow in a multitude of ways. We must become a healthy society
before we can reach for a utopian existence. By producing muscle that feeds and nourishes our
nerves, our nerves are better able to receive the energy pulses of the Divine Energy of Life.
Within our pursuit of Utopia, we must seek to make all the plant and animal life flourish upon the surface of our planet. We must all contribute positive energy through positive action. We must
elevate our minds and souls to higher levels of interaction in our lives. Then we can reach for Utopia. However, we must recognize it all as being a part of one system. We must recognize everything that
we do within the confines of that system. Therefore, from building the body, to educating the mind,
to energizing the soul and making positive choices in the course of our days, we must interpret it all
as a part of one system aimed at producing a common goal. That common goal is the freedom to pursuit life, liberty, and happiness. This is the American Dream. The United States of America is
where Utopia must begin.  
     As individuals, each of us is to work to create a more perfect union between our body, mind,
and soul. Each of us must work to create a more perfect union between family members. Each of
us must work to create a more perfect union between the various human communities. Each of us
must work to create a more perfect union between business, government, and the citizenry. Each of us must work to create a more perfect union between the Animal Kingdom, the Vegetable Kingdom,
and the Mineral Kingdom. Each of us must work to create a more perfect union between our
Earth and ourselves. These more perfect unions with make it easier for everyone and everything
to move. The first step toward a utopian living condition is the continual exchange of respect.
(pages 200-217)
copyrighted 2002

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