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Romans 13:1-2, “Let every Soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of GOD:
the powers that be are ordained of GOD. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance
of GOD: and they that resist shall receive to themselves Damnation.” 

What "GOD" said to do is "His" Will. These are the actions that are required of each living thing that has the Divine Energy of "GOD" flowing through it. These are our responsibilities. To successfully negotiate the “End Times” and be delivered into "GOD's" Kingdom, the Human Species must acquire the ability to differentiate between the Will of "GOD" and the Will of the Human. This ability is within each of us. Unfortunately, our Species has collectively suppressed it because of immaturity, selfishness, and greed. A large part of our evolution as a Species relies upon our embracing Truth and accepting the challenges presented by it. For the Human consciousness to evolve to the next stage of awareness, our Species must collectively experience "GOD.” The Divine Energy of Life is within each of us. How do individuals experience "GOD?" The answer is through Divine Truth. Each of us must look for the higher (Spiritual) meaning of the actions that take place around us as we move through life. As each person has an experience, each must objectively examine the elements that compose it. What will be revealed are things that our subjectivity shielded from us. As individuals begin to see all the inherent Truths as well as their connections to each other, each will begin to see how truly awesome the Divine Energy of Life is for having created Existence. This will awaken in us all a joy and appreciation for the opportunity of being alive.  

There is "GOD's" Will interpreted within the context of the Worldly Reality. As well, there is "GOD's" Will interpreted within the context of the Spiritual Reality. However, there is a term that spans both interpretations, and adequately represents what "GOD" would have each of us do. That term is “Responsibility.” The required actions of our Worldly Reality and our Spiritual Reality are our responsibilities. Each of us must live up to our responsibilities. Each of us must aspire to having responsibilities. In essence, what "GOD" said to do is “be responsible.” We are to be responsible to the Truth. Each of us is to act according to the Truth, whatever that Truth may be.  
What we must recognize is that what "GOD's" Will created was Life, and a Positive condition within which it would grow and perpetuate itself. We are truly Animals that are a single part of one large group. This large group is composed of everything living thing upon our Earth, and within the Universe. We are connected to everything that lives, including our living Earth. Because of these physical realities and the Truths they support, each of us must do what is Right. Each of us must do what is Positive. Of all we do not know about “GOD”, we do know that this has been the intended direction for Human action from the very beginning. Spiritually speaking, all Humans were expected to move (or act) in the Positive, Right direction. This direction would have us do not only the Positive, Right things for us as individuals, but also the Positive, Right things for all that exists. We must do this not only because of some religious doctrine, but because it is a physical requirement of the divine system “GOD” created to sustain and perpetuate Life. It is our responsibility to choose to move this way. Right(eous) action is what we must perform to satisfy our responsibility to the Divine System of Nature.
Whether the label for it is “Nature”, “Mother Nature”, or the “Divine System of Nature”, on some level we Humans think of ourselves as being outside of it. Each of us must come to understand that the basis of the Divine System of Nature is Positive action leading to growth. In being a true part of this System as the Human Species is, we too must have Positive action and growth. What are we to grow into being? For us, “GOD” is the example. By example, we are to work first, before we rest, not the other way around. “GOD” worked for six days to create growth, then “He” rested on the seventh. We are to create by doing. This is each of us moving. This movement must have a direction, that direction Right or Positive. We are to create growth by doing what is Right or Positive. We are to create the most perfect (best) living condition by doing what is Right or Positive. We are to create cleanliness by doing what is Right or Positive. We are to create sustenance by doing what is Right or Positive. We are to create our families and communities by doing what is Right or Positive. We are to create happiness and enjoyment by doing what is Right or Positive. We are to create balance by doing what is Right or Positive. We must first work to accomplish what is necessary in our lives, before we relax. Each of us must fulfill our responsibilities. In our pursuit of self-gratification, there are a lot of us that give rest and leisure more of a priority than work. This is contrary to the Divine System of Nature. It is contrary to the way “GOD” created. It is contrary to the cycle of the Day. It is contrary to the cycle of the Season. We must try to become a part of the Divine System of Nature by doing what is Right. What is Right is what is Positive. This is our natural responsibility. We must consciously choose it, because we consciously choose our actions. 

Existence is the result of a “system”, an orderly body of methods. It is a complex scheme or plan. This System is a combination of things or parts that together form a unitary “whole.” Think of this unitary whole as one “body.” Every system within this body is supposed to do something. Each is supposed to move or function rightly, and in unison with the other systems of the body to keep it alive and healthy. Metabolism, Reproduction, and Growth are the result of movement, or action. Everything that lives, Plants and Animals, will do something. It will move or have action. This holds true for even the “Amoebae”, a one-celled Animal. It is a naked mass of Protoplasm that is constantly changing in shape as it moves and engulfs Food. All Life within this System moves with a purpose. There is no single living organism of note that does not do something or have movement directed towards the perpetuation of its own existence. Doing, i.e. having action or movement, is an inherent part of the system of existence. The elements of the Atom move within the context of the system that sustains it, i.e. its correct or Right body function. The elements within the body of a Plant move within the context of the system that sustains it, i.e. its correct or Right body function. The elements within the body of an Animal also move within the context of the system that sustains it. Again, this movement occurs in the way that rightly maintains the body’s function.  
As the Earth is a living organism or a body, the living things of the Earth constitute the moving elements that makeup the system that sustains it. Therefore, our movements or actions must occur within the context that is Right to perpetuate Nature’s entire system and our Earth itself. As it relates to the worldly aspect of Reality, we readily recognize that we must do things or have movement to survive in this Worldly Reality. We recognize that actions are required of us as Beings. We must all face the Truth that as it relates to the spiritual aspect of our existence, we must also do “things” related to this part of Reality as well. Here too, there are actions that are required of us. The Right direction for this and every Human action is Positive. To do nothing is to not live. We must continue to do, even though we do not completely understand. The Human has the ability to think while it is doing, and we are supposed to utilize this gift. We must recognize the importance of doing the Positive action first, knowing that we can come to an understanding of the circumstance “while” or “after” the necessary action(s). It is not necessary to have a full understanding of what we are doing prior to doing it. It is the Positive action itself that is most important. Determine what that is and pursue it. Then, while or after it is done, come to an understanding of the meaning and benefit of that direction. Each of us must act and react positively before and whether or not we come to a complete understanding of a given circumstance. As well, each of us must act and react positively regardless of our subjective feelings. These choices are our responsibility. Responsibility is the divine label for the “required action” of living organisms, the required actions that produce a Positive living condition, i.e. a place to grow.
All of "GOD's" socialized Beings perform some action that supports themselves as individuals within the context of the collective Community. Each individual member of a socialized Species also performs some action that supports the perpetuation of the group or Community to which they belong. Being a part of a socialized Species means each individual is a dependent member of the larger group. Examples of socialized Species are certain Bees, Ants, Butterflies, Fish, Primates, and the like. Entomologists label Bees and such as "eusocial insects" or "truly" social insects. Included in this classification are Ants and Termites, as well as highly organized Bees and Wasps. Truly, our lives are no different from any of the other creatures that are characterized as socialized. To whatever degree, we are all Community oriented, with some phase of the work we perform being done for the collective. Using the insects as an example, most would agree that their actions are instinctive and intuitive, pretty much a reflex of their nature. Since the Animal Kingdom encompasses insects and Humans, and as we are both “socialized”, one could argue we have the same instinctive inclinations. As a part of a Bee’s action or activity aimed at supporting the individual and the Community, they collect nectar from Flowers. It is used to produce Food (Honey). This Food is stored in the Hive, to be consumed by the individual and the collective. During the process of helping itself and its Species group, the individual Bee also performs a natural task that aids in the perpetuation of the Life around it. It is the process of pollination. Collecting nectar and spreading pollen is what Bees do. These are their naturally required actions, their responsibilities to the Divine System of Nature.  
As a socialized Species, Humans are no different. We too have “naturally required actions” that we perform during the course of our lives. However, our existence is more complex because of our higher level of development and the intellect associated with the conscious mind. The part of Human action or behavior that supports the individual and the collective is commerce. For the most part, it is the making and spending of money. As farfetched as this may sound, within a civilized social structure, this is the “natural” action that Humans perform within the context of their Species group to support the individual and the collective. If a comparison between the efforts of making money to the activity of Ants is made, striking similarities become apparent. For example, the individual Ant leaves the immediate home and goes out into the world in search of the necessities of its life. Within the context of Human existence, those necessities require payment of some sort. When the Ant has found that reward it deems beneficial to the group, it “works” at bringing it home. Humans work and bring home the reward for their effort, money. Some Ants bring home larger portions than other Ants. This is also true of Humans relative to this circumstance. Whatever rewards each individual Ant has returned with is utilized by itself and the collective to enrich their lives. When the individual Human spends the money it has earned, that person enriches both his or her own existence, and that of the person from whom they have bought. Within the confines of our Social System, each individual’s effort enriches not only that person’s own life, but also the lives of all the members of the Social System. Within Human circumstances that do not contain the element of “money”, the members of that group find other assets to exchange for mutual benefit. This is called “bartering.”  

In addition to the beneficial efforts related to the Species group, Humans are supposed to naturally “do” things to perpetuate the Life that exists around it by using knowledge and energy (effort) together to benefit the natural system of existence. Like the Bee carrying pollen from Flower to Flower, the Human has a responsibility to the Life that exists around it. As well, this responsibility or required action is mandated by our having dominion over the living planet. As a group of conscious Beings with dominion over the planet, it is our responsibility to apply our mental energy (intelligence) and physical energy (effort) to the task of creating a more perfect world for the existence of all living things. Both working and thinking are natural, Positive, divine responsibilities. These things are supposed to be a reflex of our nature. I have said that our existence is more complex than other socialized Species. This is partly due to our ability to conceive of and produce sensation, as well as manufacture enjoyment. While sensation and enjoyment are primary Human concerns, they are truly secondary to perpetuating the existence of Life. In facing and dealing with Reality, we must accept and embrace the Revelation that we must first satisfy all of our divine responsibilities, before we can use our energies to pursue self-serving pleasures.

Human Society is a mirror of the combined characteristics and social structures of other socialized Species. Within these structures, there are drones, or workers, factions, and leaders. Humans must recognize the natural occurrence of these roles. Related to individuals, if we are not leaders then we are workers. As conscious workers, we eke out whatever pleasures we can get out of life while we carry out the responsibilities related to the positions that we hold within the social structure. Whatever position that is, the nature of the work that an individual performs must not only aid the furtherance toward that individual’s goals, but also the common goals of the group. As we define our individual goals, this is a subjective interpretation of our direction. If individuals examined these goals, comparing them to the goals of other individuals within our social structure, each of us would see that objectively speaking, our individual pursuits are actually goals common to us all. Everyone generally wants to live well and enjoy life. Living well and enjoying life within a group forms a social structure. The Truth is, social structure by any name is simply organized mutual benefit. Another label that could be used to identify this “organized mutual benefit” is Help. Therefore, as prescribed by the Laws of Nature and of the Human, we are supposed to help each other; help each other to live well and enjoy life. For Americans, this effort by definition occurs within the context of “civility.” Help is simply to aid another such that their movements are made easier. It could involve anything from staying out of another’s way, to holding a door open, to lifting a package, to mowing another’s grass, to giving another a monetary contribution, to attentively listening to another. Help is simply to aid another such that their movements are made easier.

If we serve (or help) each other, we serve “GOD” by making the Divine System of Nature work Right(eously). Within the Holy Scripture at Galatians 5:13, those words yield the following interpretation for Americans and all of Humanity: “You, my Brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the Sinful nature; rather, serve one another in Love.” The entire edict is summed up in a single command: "Love your Neighbor as yourself." It continues, “But if you bite and devour one another, take heed that you be not consumed one of another.” Truly, within the context of Spirituality, the meaning of the term “Neighbor” is not limited to the nearest Human. It means to live near or be near. Hence, the term itself is inclusive of all living things. We fit into Nature’s ecosystem with all of "GOD's" living creatures. This planet is not here for only us. It is here to support Life in a much broader sense. Though it may or may not be very good for us, we eat Cows, Sheep, Chickens, and some Fish. Yet, there exists a large variety of Beings that we do not consume. Just as we cultivate the existence of the Life that we need for our own sustenance, we must seek to provide for all living things a safe, natural habitat in which to coexist with other members of the life cycle. The living things that we do not devour as a part of our survival are those with which we must coexist. We were meant to share our knowledge and energy to benefit ourselves, as well as what exists around us.  

Helping one another is supporting one another’s existence. This is an inherent characteristic of a socialized Species. Supporting each other uplifts the individual spirit. Each of us must appreciate the people with whom we are fortunate enough to interact. Within our understanding of the realities of life, we must recognize that individual Life is finite. This fact makes every individual life significantly relevant to the time within which it occurs. With this in mind, each person should truly enjoy the interactions they have with other people and other living things. This is because every person or living thing that is interacted with brings new experience to one’s life. Each person should be as helpful as possible relative to aiding the existence of another living thing. There is benefit for each of us in every act of goodness (Positive) we produce. For every bit of goodness he or she can produce, there is goodness that will be returned to that person (action/reaction). This is true whether it occurs immediately, or in the moments to come. Individuals can generally assume they are going to be on our planet for 70 years. If help is given to someone today, as long as that “return” comes during the period of the “helpers” life, which it will, that is just one more advantage to look forward as the days pass. In Truth, the planet is small enough that, if an individual chooses to be mean spirited towards another person (or other living thing), there is a good possibility that person could be encountered by that individual again. As well, that person can easily become Negative, Hostile, or Offensive, and release those feelings in their next encounter. Maybe it will not happen, but what if it does? Life is a series of opportunities and/or chances. To increase one’s chances for success and prosperity, each of us relies on the odds (of) being good.

One of the most important Laws of physics is Newton's third Law of motion. It states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is a much broader Reality that governs our entire living condition. Stemming from this Law there is a clear inference of the principle of "reciprocity." Interpreted in spiritual terms, this principle indicates that actions aimed at giving or sharing are reciprocated such that one’s own position or prosperity is never lost, if the “aided” makes an effort to "return the favor." The principle states that if one pushes down on part (A) of a complicated system and observes that part (B) moves to the left, then surely by pushing (B) to the right will make (A) move up. Expressed more spiritually, if equal effort is made in the direction that constitutes “giving back”, the original position of those who give aid (A) is never lost. Hence, no ground is lost, and balance is restored. This is true because the complicated system is intended to work this way. The transference of energy and deeds travels transversely within the complicated Human system of existence if the intent is there. Therefore, to expend energy for the benefit of another does not decrease one’s own resources if those who benefit intend to repay their debt, or give "back" an equivalent effort, energy, or deed. It is not terribly relevant whom the energy, effort, or deed is directed at, if we are all working as a unitary system. The words that tell the story of Human Spirituality, i.e. the Holy Books of our Species, infer that our actions are to be Positive, Righteous, and Good. Moreover, if our actions are such, Righteous blessing will be our reward. The Revelation here is Humankind must recognize its responsibility to the Truth in these words. We must face this Reality because it is a part of our existence. We must incorporate this understanding into our perspective so that it affects every choice we make, and every action we take, and everything that we do. As individuals open their minds and acknowledge that none of us knows all there is to know, this perspective must be taken into consideration.

What each of us does is relevant and significant within the context of our spiritual nature. Whatever we do as individuals is a natural part of our existence. No matter what an individuals perception of their daily actions are, what Humans do is a “natural” occurrence, a part of our “natural” existence. It is a closed-minded, self-absorbed perspective that keeps this from being seen clearly. Movement is a required action or responsibility within the context of being alive. What Humans do is our contribution to the pattern or system of Nature, just as what Ants and Bees do is their spiritual, natural contribution to Nature’s system. The Divine Truth is that just as the other creatures of our planet go about the routine of their lives, what Humans "do" is the routine of their lives. Examined relative to what is considered normal or status quo, we all do the same thing, though with slight variations. We are all born the same way, just into different circumstances. Most all work, except the job differs. We all seek recreation and pleasure, etc. Generally speaking, we all think the same things. It is our interpretations and the resulting perspectives that differ. The reason one person can lead many is because the "core" of our Being, i.e. our innermost thoughts, are relatively the same. This allows others to "speak" for us. Our daily activities, no matter how individualized or mundane, are spiritually relevant to our existence.  
To be truthful to our Spirituality, our Reality, and to Nature, we must seek to do what is good, or move in a Positive way. This is because good is Positive, and Positive is the direction that energy is to flow to perpetuate the life-giving Circuitry of our planet. The route of the energy flow is circular and traveling in one direction (as the Earth spins). For us to get the most out of the Divine System of Nature, or to have the Divine System of Nature work as best it can for the living things on our planet, our Species must be of the correct polarity to fit Right(eously) into our Earth’s living Circuitry. The Divine Truth is that the energy that we as individuals feel when we help a living thing to survive or help another’s movement, as well as what we feel when we perform an act of goodness or when we do the Right(eous) thing, is accurately deemed Positive (energy). These motions are the ones that help produce growth and that help perpetuate Existence.  

As the world around us changes, our minds, our consciousness, our understanding, our way of thinking, everything about our being alive must also change. Within the context of Nature, this process of change is called “Evolution.” Our Species has reached the point in our existence where we must “think” our way to our own evolution. It is a profound matter, and we should deal with our collective future within that context. We must change our way of thinking so that we may all embrace the major element of our evolution. It is the recognition of the divine relationship between the energy that we feel inside of us that gives us Life, and the energy of the planet as defined by the combination of every Law and principle known to the Human Species. This relationship is the essence of Spirituality. Divinity has domain over our existence because it is from where our living bodies came. As well, it is where our existence continues to get the energy to move forward. We must recognize the truthful implications of what we all perceive as Reality together. The Truth is that none of us would have any of what we have if it were not for the system of existence itself. This system is the planet. It is the Divine System of Nature. It is our Society. It is America. It is truly every individual system of existence working “rightly” together as one. We must have a common understanding of what our collective future holds, and what actions we must all have together to go forth, i.e. to move forward into that future.

There are things that we know to be Right, things we desire, things about ourselves that we want to change. More often than not, these are things that we only think about and do not act upon. One of the reasons we do not move to make these changes is because our daily lives are so consumed by the actions that satisfy the requirements of our physical Reality, and our never-ending pursuit of self-gratification. The time has come for us to bring the repressed aspects of our Being into Reality. As a collective group of individuals, it is time to make our Righteousness and our goodness, as well as our dreams and aspirations, apparent for the entire World to see and share in. We accomplish this by manifesting our Positive thoughts into Reality. We accomplish this by doing what is necessary, step-by-step (systematically), to bring about betterment in our lives, in our Reality, and in ourselves. We do this to make the earthly existence the best it can possibly be for all living things. We do this to manifest the change that will bring about both Salvation and Prosperity. Each of us must recognize the importance of understanding the role of energy with regard to all the areas relevant to Human existence. These are the areas relevant to the body (movement and action), the mind (discipline and control), and the Soul (Positive direction). In addition, each of us must recognize the importance of understanding the influence polarity has upon energy in these areas, i.e. Positive or Negative. Every defined action occurs within a span of time that has a beginning and an end, or conclusion. It could be sweeping the floor, driving to the store, or pursuing a college degree. To direct ones actions through these spans of time in hopes of achieving Positive results is to seek "Positive (perfect) resolution" of the circumstances of Reality that are being faced.  
During our systematic pursuit of Positive (perfect) resolution, an individual may not always receive immediate self-gratification, but each individual will always receive long-term gratification. We must accept the sacrifice of immediate self-gratification in the interest of mutual satisfaction and balance. If our entire Species pursued Positive (perfect) resolution in an objective manner, our resulting state of Existence would be utopian. We must draw conclusions in an effort to make decisions that bring about Positive resolution. These conclusions must be based on objective Reality. They cannot be based on subjective fantasy. We cannot “create” Reality in our minds. It must be a part of Time and Space. So as we draw conclusions in the moments of Reality, those conclusions must be based on the facts of that Reality, not subjective fantasy. We must stop placing the Truth of our personal Needs and desires above the other Truths of our Reality. We must act or react positively upon the words of Truth related to what objectively exists, before we act or react to the words of Truth that relate to us subjectively as individuals. We must first be objective, before we indulge our subjectivity. We must make judgments based on the facts, not what we choose to believe or what we makeup to believe. Our decisions must be based on conclusions drawn from the Truth, i.e. the realities that relate to those particular moments. This is what it means to recognize and deal with Reality.

Each of us must recognize that as free-willed Beings, our Will unfortunately differs from that of “GOD.” This has allowed the Human to change the nature of the existence “GOD” had planned for all living things. Every time the Human allowed his or her Will to supersede that of “GOD”, the Human altered the intent of “GOD.” “GOD” intended all living things to coexist in peace and harmony. “GOD” also intended all living things to pursue perfection (betterment) through creation and growth. Within the Holy Scripture at the book of Genesis, it says that, in order, “GOD” created the Earth, the Water, the Light, and dry Land. These are all the essential or most nearly perfect elements for natural growth. With these elements in place, “GOD” then brought forth Grass, the Herb yielding Seed, and the Fruit Tree yielding Fruit and its seed as well. The Grass “He” intended to grow within the conditions “He” created, as was the intent for the Tree. The Seeds of those Creations were intended to perpetuate the existence of those original Creations. “GOD” then created the cycle of Day and Night. The light of Day was meant to facilitate the activity of growth, and the darkness of Night was meant for rest and regeneration. This original cycle also was to grow. It was to grow into the cycle of Seasons. Then, “GOD” brought forth from the Sea, the moving creature that had Life, and fowl that could fly above the Earth. “GOD” then blessed them, saying, be fruitful, and multiply (create and grow). It was after all this that “GOD” created the male Human, followed by the female and allowed them to have dominion over all things of the Earth. “GOD” blessed them also. “GOD” said unto them, “be fruitful, and multiply (create and grow), and replenish the Earth, and subdue it...” “…And “GOD” said, Behold, I have given you every Herb bearing Seed, which is upon the face of all the Earth, and every Tree, in which is the Fruit of a Tree yielding Seed; to you it shall be for Meat. And to every Beast of the Earth, and to every Fowl of the Air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the Earth, wherein there is Life, I have given every green Herb for Meat…” 
One can conclude from the writings of the Holy Scripture that “GOD” created the living condition, and then created things to grow within it. This was "GOD's" Will. This condition of existence is a Positive one, as opposed to a Negative one, and it is the most perfect condition for Positive change. In a natural or divine sense, this Positive change is growth. To grow is to gain by natural development. Growth is the development from a simpler to a more complex stage of Existence. Growth is a building process. It is a process whereupon progress is made, based on the foundation upon which it is built. The act of “adding” or “increasing”, of “gaining”, or of “growing”, are all movements in a Positive direction. Regardless of what our Species may think the purpose of our existence serves, or whatever "GOD's" ultimate plan is, what Humans are supposed to do is clear. “GOD” gave each of us the ability to create. Each of us must use that ability to perpetuate the original Creation, that being the most nearly perfect condition for Positive change or growth. As we live our lives within the confines of this condition of existence, we must do what is expected of living things. We must grow.  

To gain a better understanding of the true nature of our existence, as well as what "GOD's" intent was regarding the Human Species, it is necessary to examine the beginning of Human life. The renowned writings that deal with conscious Human action relative to that period are the Holy Scriptures. An objective examination of the Holy Scriptures reveals three conditions of Human existence that are directly attributed to "GOD’s” Will. The first is the condition of the physical environment. This environment was “Eden.” Eden was the first and only Utopia. The second condition dealt with the authority (or dominion) over the physical environment. That authority was bestowed upon the Human by the “Supreme Authority”, i.e. "GOD" (the Divine Energy of Life). The third condition dealt with the authority to which the Human would be held accountable. That authority was "GOD" (the Divine Energy of Life). "GOD’s" Will was to have the Human exist in a utopian environment set in motion by the Divine Energy of Life. The Human was to have the freedom to do whatever it chose to do as long as it satisfied two conditions. The first was to accept the responsibility of dominion over Utopia. The second was to be obedient to "GOD’s" Will.
The current state of Human existence is the result ofthe Human Species inability to uphold
the mandates of "GOD" (the Divine Energy of Life).
(pages 96-103)
Remember, this came out
of me over 18 years ago and its RAW/unedited.