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     This book is about the essence of our existence and the perpetuation of our Species, the Human Animal. It is about taking a “time-out” from your day-to-day existence to reflect on yourself, the lives around you, and your planet. It is about accepting the challenge of perpetuating Humanity, Social Structure, and Civilization. It is about everyone’s destiny, both individually and collectively. There is a connection between social and spiritual circumstances, though we perceive each as being separate aspects of Reality. There is a very real connection between Social Order and the Divine System of Nature. It is defined within the context of our Spirituality. In other words, it is our connection to the System of Nature that links us together as a Species, and therefore, the actions of our lives are connected to the System Nature as well. Because each of us as living Beings can attribute our origin to one Source, we must embrace our connection to all that has the Divine Energy of that Source flowing through it, seeking to balance our collective existence through tolerance and compromise. This is to include all living things.  

     Embrace these words within the context of “GOD” being everything, the One Source of everything, the beginning, the all-powerful. For me personally, the Birth and development of these writings has been a very spiritual experience. Within these pages are concepts and ideas that may appear to be in conflict with your current belief system and state of mind. In this case, “state of mind” is synonymous with perspective. Do not interpret these words in a completely subjective way, to the degree that you become offended. Do not allow yourself to become offended or threatened by these words or you will close your mind to any Truth they may convey. Think of this book as you would any “Self-help” book. The purpose of which is to give you information that, when added to your own knowledge of yourself, will allow you to change aspects of your Being for the better through conscious, purposeful effort. It is important that you the Reader evaluate the following words within the context of how they relate to the realities of your present circumstance of Existence. However, it must be done objectively. All Humans are the same at the depths of their Being, as a member of a Species group. Human difference occurs on a subjective level related to factors like intellectual development, opportunity, individual circumstance, desire, etc. Therefore, you must recognize that the Truths I point out are to be view in a general sense. As you compare yourself to any likeness I may refer to within these pages, you may “feel” that you differ. Recognize and examine the Reality that the “feeling” in question is the result of an interpretation you make based upon your current perspective. This perspective is heavily influenced by what you know and understand. The Truth is, not one of us Humans knows all there is to know about the Reality within which we exist. So take this Truth, and use it to keep your mind open. Keep it open to the possibility that there is something to be gained from interpreting these words objectively.  

     I would like to take this opportunity to express my most sincere apologies to any and all religious groups, ethnic groups, and individuals that I may unintentionally offend by expressing what I believe to be the Truth of Existence. Build your forgiveness upon the foundation of the Reality that others are committing atrocious crimes against Society like robbery, rape, and murder. The words within this text are truly meant to help each of us embrace the Reality of the one true “GOD.” Do not judge me as harshly as you would a robber, rapist, or a murderer. For my purpose is directed at bringing you closer to “GOD”, rather than to take anything from you. As these words came to me, I feared those who would classify this Text, particularly because of my assertion that the words were given to me by “GOD.” As I released my fears to the Will of “GOD”, I realized that these times mandate that individuals must make definitive determinations of what is true and what is not. Individuals can no longer allow others to define Truth for them by manipulating their interpretation of Reality through word selection and influential imagery. It is not up to me or anyone else to classify these words, or place them into context for you. What “GOD” said to do is share these words with you, "His" Children. It will then become the responsibility of the individual to decide the value of these words, based on the comparative Truth contained within their Souls (within their Hearts).

     Everything, objectively and subjectively, relates to one Positive Truth. The primary factors of this Truth are energy, movement, and polarity. Once we all truly recognize the benefit and blessing of Positive flowing energy, Positive thought, and Positive action, then we can strive together as a Nation for a standard of living that truly allows us to exercise our Liberty. This would be a near utopian existence. On the other hand, we can continue to think in a divided manner, maintaining a divided perspective and living in a divided Society. This way of thinking provides a foundation for selfishness and greed. Selfishness and greed separates each of us from the collective. This will continue to lead to distrust, envy, and hatred. In the end, through a combination of chaos within our Social System, foreign and domestic terrorism, natural disaster, and ultimately civil war, the United States will no longer exist. Those fortunate enough to have survived will never again enjoy the plentiful, “free” America we now know.  
     So read these words for enjoyment and insight. However, understand that you must make a decision about yourself, Reality, and the Divine Energy of Life. Not one of us knows all there is to know about “GOD” or Truth. However, our bodies tell us Spirituality is real in the subtlest of ways. Each of us must listen and believe in our “inner Self”, i.e. our Soul. Trust in the Reality that since the Holy Books of our Species parallel what is within these pages, and the Author says in no uncertain terms that “GOD” has sent these words, perhaps, this is for real (a co-incidence is two incidences of Truth). Recognize that seeking to deal with Reality objectively and seeking to use Positive flowing energy to achieve Positive resolution is a good thing. Based upon this, simply because you know it will only help and not hurt, you will try to have hope. You will try to maintain a Positive attitude. You will try to behave within the context of the definition of civilized, which is the group of words that explain the current standard of Human behavior. Each individual is in pursuit of long-lasting personal satisfaction. To achieve it, one uses their energy to move in a Positive (direction) way rather than a Negative way. For all to enjoy long-lasting personal satisfaction, each person needs to pursue balance using compromise and tolerance.  

     One of the most important Truths to keep in mind is that as long as the Earth keeps spinning, time will continue to pass. Things will continue to happen whether we consciously recognize them or not. They may work out beneficially, or detrimentally, but they will happen. Americans as a whole are a successful people, so we have up until now prospered. We may continue to stumble ahead into prosperity as a Nation. However, any American with their eyes truly open to the realities of our existence can see the turmoil that lies before us. Do not underestimate the devastation of the events that makeup Damnation. We need to wakeup to the Reality of our circumstance both in terms of ourselves as united Americans, and as a Human Species on the global scale. As Americans, we can solidify and perpetuate the standard of living we have achieved. We can also maintain the Liberty we as a Nation have inherited from the blood and energy of the builders of this great Society. To do this, we as a citizenry must embrace each other as Countrymen, as Brothers and Sisters, as a Family. This must be done regardless of ethnic background because the Truth is that the actual builders of this Nation were individuals that came from all corners of the planet. This is the religious, or as I refer to it, the spiritual destiny of the citizens of our Land. Only here is it possible to have true and boundless Liberty to live and express oneself as desired. Only in America do we have the freedom to indulge our creativity by trying new and different things, which lends itself to our individual growth. This means that only here does Humanity have the opportunity to fully manifest a Positive, utopian existence.  

     The reason for the very formation of this Nation was greatly due to the need for freedom of religious expression. To think that we can exist without “GOD” in our thoughts, when it is this very Divine Energy that gives us Life itself (without which nothing, materially, monetarily, or otherwise matters), is a fool’s notion. Without time or breath, you as an individual do not exist, and life goes on without you, the memory of you soon forgotten. Time and breath are true Blessings. The point to recognizing the gift of each breath is that because of the magnitude of that gift, regardless of individual circumstance, as long as each of us breathes (i.e. is alive) we are fortunate. This allows individuals to appreciate all the little things about living that are often taken for granted. You can appreciate the Reality that all in life beyond breath is gain. This appreciation for the opportunity to live must be the foundation upon which we build our understanding. Nothing individuals will do can ever be equal to the gift of Life, so each of us is always humbly indebted to the Divine Energy of Life for flowing through us. Without that breath, nothing else for us is real.

     We must come together as Brethren of a truly united Nation. For this to occur, we need a "rebirth" of our understanding with regard to what our Reality truly is. In essence, our consciousness must evolve to the level where our interpretation of the Truth is clear and common. It must be common because we are all one Species, i.e. the Human Community. As is evident relative to our current way of life, the embracing of Religion, or more aptly put, Spirituality, is what creates and perpetuates a sense of Community. We come together in Church to worship and fellowship with shared beliefs. These are Truths we must not ignore. Even though in one Community there are many Churches of different denominations, it does not matter because Religion is the celebration of the goodness within the people of a Sect. Separate denominations merely denote the different ways in which we express and practice our Spirituality. We can maintain this separation while still accepting the Truth that there is only one “GOD.” The Divine Truth is the true Word of “GOD” embraces the goodness of our entire Species, i.e. all of Humankind. Churches, no matter their affiliation, strengthen us as a Human Community. It is spiritual awareness that is the foundation of moral and ethical application. These teachings give us the formula for the creation of our character. The Holy Books of our Species tell us that the Human’s actions are to be directed towards what is good and Righteous. This Truth is given to us through the realities of the teachings and actions of those guided by the Divine Energy of Life.   Our Spirituality has a physical foundation that corresponds with what we know through the Sciences. We must all be humbled by the fact that not one of us knows all there is to know about that which gives us Life.   Therefore, it is obvious that there is still knowledge and Wisdom to be gained relative to our spiritual nature.
To receive these words in earnest, each of us must let down the barriers that have been created in our minds by Ego, misinterpretation, and the physical stimulation of our material existence. Each of us must feel these words in your Heart. Weigh the Truth of each and every one of them and recognize that there is still room in every person’s life for enlightenment. We have reached the period of our existence where each one of us, each and every individual, must now recognize Reality and face the responsibilities we as individuals have to it. There are definitive choices to be made about the direction of our actions. These Revelations are designed to make the Right choices clear to all that are prepared to recognize their existence from the perspective of pure Truth. All Life was created as a part of a Divine System. We have numerous labels that are applied to the task of identifying that System, as we perceive it. Labels like Religion, Spirituality, and Nature. Each person must open their mind up so that they can perceive the Truth beyond the barrier of these labels. Accept the possibility that there is Truth that lies beyond Human knowledge. Trust the Love that we as Humans repress for fear of being made vulnerable by the depth of our emotional connection to each other. Have Hope for the perpetuation and prosperity of Humanity, and have faith in the Word of “GOD.” In Second Timothy 3:5, it says that in the last days Men “Having a form of Godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” This “form of Godliness” is our conscious mind. Each of us who has given up Hope is denying the power of our minds, “denying the power thereof.” Being aware makes each of us responsible. By turning away from responsibility, we are turning away from (the discipline we can generate in) our minds, and the power thereof.

     Many people have a difficult time accepting new ideas and philosophies, even though they truly want to be open-minded. Individuals develop intellectually to whatever degree circumstance and desire allows, then many of us circle our faculties around the understanding we have gained just to get through our everyday lives. Some people close their minds unintentionally. They close themselves off to possibilities because it makes them vulnerable and requires addition energy to deal with varied possibilities. For the remaining time you invest in sharing and interpreting for yourself the Truth in these words that were given to me for you, I hope you will do so with an open and eager mind. “Open” to the degree that you understand there is a meaning to the energy of Life on our planet that you yourself have missed. Because you do not understand the meaning of the very Force that gives you Life, you therefore cannot know all there is to know about yourself or the selves around you. For this reason alone you must be humbled, yes, humbled, by the Reality and Truth that you do not know it all, and there is still Wisdom for you to seek. This is not admitting stupidity or an inability to learn. This is the expression of humility in the face of the awesome power of “GOD.” This is Reverence. Accepting this releases us from the pressure we feel relative to the endeavor of embracing new ideas and concepts. As well, “Eager” to the degree that you know in your Heart that by finding and embracing the understanding that will deliver you to a meaningful existence, you will also bring to your life all the satisfaction, direction, and Salvation that all individuals are consciously or unconsciously seeking for ourselves.
     In addition, I hope you will read this work from an objective point of view, because it is my hope that there is something within these pages to enhance every Reader’s life. At the very least, as a book of amusement kept in the bookrack next to the toilet, read to relieve the stress brought on by the strain *. At the other end of the spectrum of desires, perhaps these words will aid you in elevating your consciousness and intellect to a higher level of awareness. The part of the message that gives me the most energy is that this is not just a call to Salvation. This is a call to riches that you have never imagined. There will be riches for the body, mind, and Soul. The Corporations along with the help of the Politicians have already amassed the material riches. Now they must be shared amongst those who generated and contributed to this Wealth (body). The sharing of resources will reduce the unnecessary stress in our lives, allowing us to grow towards Truth (mind). As well, each of us will experience the spiritual richness promised to us by “GOD.” This enrichment will manifest itself as the peace of mind and Salvation (Soul) we all seek. Imagine an existence without the stress of worrying about how you will survive, and without the stress of worrying about Heaven or Hell. Do not let the Negative vibrations (trials and tribulations) of today remove the Hope that radiates from the Positive vibrations (seemingly endless possibilities) of tomorrow. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. If you decide to take control of your actions, or more rightly put, exert your influence over your Reality, you can have an affect on it. Once a moment transpires, it becomes part of the past. We are to learn from these past moments. Each of us must take these lessons of life and move forward. Do not let the mistakes of the past paralyze the flow of your life. We all must have Hope.

     As you progress in these writings, you will find that I frequently refer to sections of the Bible that concur with the point I am making. It is important to read the Holy Scriptures so that each can see the Truth, and the Truth will be felt as well, as awakening occurs. I do believe that the text of the Bible has been manipulated, and I know that it is incomplete. However, these are Holy writings, and ingesting them will produce Revelation. From reading these words in earnest, what is divinely true will be revealed. There are many analogies within these pages. An analogy is a partial similarity between like features of two things, on which a comparison can be based. In Logic, an analogy is considered a form of reasoning in which one thing is inferred to be similar to another thing in a certain respect, based on the known similarity between the things in other respects. Analogies are descriptive examples of the Divine Truth that there is one system of existence. To be able to relate one circumstance of Reality containing one set of elements to another circumstance containing an entirely different set of elements and finding common Truth therein is indicative of the fact that there is only one system of existence. In an analogy, one comparatively applies completely different elements to a similar system of actions or conditions.  
     This project was almost done before I was made aware that the use of “parables”, or analogous stories, was a major tool used by many prophets, including Jesus Christ, to convey their messages in a way that was more clearly understandable by the masses. In an effort to create a common perspective that will lead to a common understanding of Divine Truth, I use analogies to bring to light the similarities and common aspects of the system of realities before us. A clearer understanding of the physical Reality of our Spirituality can be derived from the examination of its analogous relationship to the Electromagnetic energy generated by the spinning of our Earth. A clearer understanding of the conceptual Reality of the Systems that make Life work can be derived from the examination of its analogous relationship these systems have to the Atom. The Atom is the foundation of both the spiritual and physical Reality, which together comprises Existence.

     I have learned how to rightly channel the energy of “GOD” (the Divine Energy of Life) and use it to my benefit here on Earth. This knowledge has been revealed to me through reading the Holy Scriptures, and contemplating "GOD's" existence within the context of Human Reality. As the energy and system of “GOD” truly exists, we must be able to understand that existence as well as that power, relative to our present understanding of Reality in general. Since Life continues to draw energy from a source, that source must continually exist. The Holy Scriptures are a profound work inspired by “GOD” to lead us to Right action. However, since the time those words were recorded, the Human’s knowledge and understanding of Reality has grown, as has its ability to communicate it. Therefore, so too our knowledge and understanding of “GOD” should grow as well. This Truth has been the fuel that sustained my contemplation. In truly understanding and utilizing the energy and power of “GOD”, the element of faith is the key. It is the key that unlocks the energy and power of “GOD” that lies within each of us. Faith allows one to channel the limited energy each individual has so that person is able to optimize his or her potential. It is through the indulgence of personal faith and contemplation that “GOD” will reveal "Himself.” Through faith, I have come to understand that there is a purpose to the existence each Life. As well, each individual Life has something specific to contribute to “whole” that serves to enhance and perpetuate what we call, “Reality.” This is true whether we are talking about a blade of Grass or an Elephant. In Human terms, this means that each of us truly has a God-given gift that we are to share with those around us. This “gift” is released by the faith that we have. This faith we must have in ourselves as well as in “GOD.”

     What "GOD" revealed to me is the meaning, or the Divine Truth behind Existence. We, as a Species, do not always recognize that we must remain open to a continued evaluation of our collective Reality, in hopes of gaining a greater understanding of what the unbiased Truth is. The words "GOD" has given me are meant to bring about a clearer understanding of our spiritual nature. It is an understanding that can be embraced by people of all religious followings and secular practices. It places “GOD” within a context of understanding that can be easily understood and embraced. Our understanding of “GOD” within the context of the “Divine Energy of Life” will transcend religious and secular beliefs and practices. While recognizing the word “GOD” as the name for the generally acknowledged Supreme Being, understand deep within yourself that your interpretation of this Entity is limited by your own knowledge. Whether we are referring to the energy that “He” is or that “Life Force” within living things, whatever we choose to label it, “GOD” is real.  

     Many of us, young and old, are searching for an understanding of our existence relative to our Spirituality. There are many different reasons for this. One such reason is that, not a one of us can escape recognizing this part of ourselves. In addition, those of us that embrace our internal perceptions can truly sense the need to find this part of ourselves. We recognize our need for direction at this particular time in Human existence. There are far too many of us still having a problem with recognizing and/or embracing the existence of “GOD.” One reason may be that it has become increasing more difficult for those born into more current times to embrace most existing “religious” doctrines, because of the influence their knowledge of Science and tangible Reality has had upon their perspectives. Most organized Religions base the adhesion to moral Code upon the fear that individuals will suffer in the “afterlife.” They will “burn in Hell” if they do not obey the Rules set forth by that religious body. However, individuals can feel a Truth within themselves that leads them to have wants/desires that transcend the parameters of existing religious constraints. They also are finding it difficult to continue believing in the hellish punishment at the basis of most Religions. This notion of “Hell” causes many individuals to shy away from recognizing a structured form of religious belief. They seem satisfied with their adopted “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude. What is needed is a clearer understanding of our Spirituality. One that is more truthfully related to our understanding of what we know to be true about our physical existence and ourselves. What individual’s are searching for is “Divine” Truth. They are searching for “Revelation.” To understand and benefit from our Spirituality, we must seek it out. In essence, we must listen for “GOD” from within ourselves. Within the Holy Scripture at First John 4:13 it says, “Hereby know we that we dwell in “Him”, and “He” in us, because “He” hath given us of ”His Spirit.” That “Spirit” is the Divine Energy of Life.

     The true understanding of “GOD” eludes us because we separate the knowledge of Reality we possess into categories. For example, many of us look to the Bible for the full explanation of our Spirituality. Yet, we use general Science, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics to define the systems and properties of our existence. What we must do is put the Truths within the Bible together with the Truths of our Reality, to determine the “whole” Truth. These other Truths are the Truths of Science, of Physics, of Mathematics, of Chemistry, of Philosophy, and more. Because there is only one Existence, there must be one explanation of it. This means that all bits of knowledge makeup one "whole" Truth. What we must do is place Reality in its proper context of understanding. We must accept the Truth that there is one single Source of all Creation. Our limited understanding has caused us to interpret this Source within a context that allows us to think of it as a Human personification. Humans are “in the image” of "GOD." "GOD" is not in the image of the Human. When the Human walks erect, it looks like a Primate. When a Human walks on all four appendages, it looks like an Ass (I mean donkey ) or a Dog. If "GOD" had a form like ours, then many Animals were “in the image of "GOD”, not just the Human. Therefore, personifying "GOD" is not a correct interpretation of this Divine Entity.
     One of the faults of such an interpretation is that it allows us to attach an ethnicity or a group characteristic to this personification. This in turn allows each different group to have their own version of what is truly a single Entity. Another fault that affects each of us on a subconscious level is that in thinking of the Supreme Being as a Human personification, we create the opportunity for our individual disobedience to the Will of "GOD." To the degree that Humans are in the image of "GOD", they are like individual gods themselves. The power of such a Revelation manifests itself within the Ego Box of the mind in such a way that at a given moment in time, every individual feels all-powerful. It is within that moment that an individual will embrace his or her Will (desire) as though it is all that matters. They will do what they desire to do even if it conflicts or violates the Positive Code of conduct to which each of us is to adhere. That person will disregard "GOD's" Will because at that moment, that individual feels like "GOD." They then pursue their own Will, and perhaps even think of it as "GOD's" Will.

     For the purpose of opening our minds, we must replace the label “GOD”, with the “Divine Energy of Life.” By doing this, we remove the subjective interpretation of our Spirituality, and replace it with an objective interpretation to which we can all relate. We must move beyond Religion with respect to understanding the Divine Entity. We must open our minds up to other more descriptive sets of words or labels when endeavoring to understand what “Spiritual” means. Each of us must face the Truth that it is blatant arrogance to assume the Human Species has defined “GOD” and there is no more about this Divine Entity to be learned. The Human Species does not even know how it came to be, but it has resigned itself to accepting an understanding of “GOD” that was developed when Human understanding was in its infancy.
While not seeking to define “GOD” in entirety, each of us must accept that "GOD" is energy of divine form. The composition of "His" Being is significant and relevant to our understanding "Him.” So that there is a clear understanding upon which to base the perspective from which these writings are interpreted, recognize that “GOD” is a label. It is a word that can be and will be used by me interchangeably with "The Divine Energy of Life." “GOD” is in each of us in the form of the Spirit, the Divine Energy of Life. The Human can identify and/or explain everything of texture inside the Human body (or Temple). The only element within the body the Human cannot fully explain or recreate is the source of the energy that makes the Heart beat in rhythm. That is other than to say it is electrical in nature. The source of our creation is “GOD” (the Divine Energy of Life). Just as this is a Spiritual Reality, there is a Worldly (Scientific) Reality that our creation and existence in general is based upon, and can be expressed in one simple term. That term is “energy.”  
This leads to the following inference: As our creation and existence is energy manifested into Matter, the Divine Truth is that our origin is energy. Our creator, “GOD”, has a form that by our definition cannot resemble the fleshy Human in any realistic way. This is because, unless you are prepared to debate the possibility of other dimensions, “GOD's" place of origin is beyond the boundaries of Earth's atmosphere, what we term "outer" space. To the Human’s understanding, nothing of living Matter as we perceive it can exist under those environmental conditions. As we are energy, our Creator must be, to the limits of Human understanding, energy in some divine form. “GOD” uses energy to manifest and sustain “His” Creations, as we perceive them. “His” form is unknown and cannot truly be determined by Humans. I submit that the label given to me by "GOD" for that which we are derived from, the Divine Energy of Life, should be deemed acceptable and accurate as it relates to the full expression of the Truth that has been revealed to me.

    Civilized, metropolitan lifestyles have led many of us to a perception wherein the definition of “Human” is such that it is not an Animal. Because of this, many of us have an interpretation of Reality that occurs out of context. Since many Humans do not consider themselves Animals in a real sense, they move about as though they are separate from Nature. Because of this, Humans do not understand their individual lives relative to the System of Nature to which they owe that Life. There is a connection between the System of Social Order, the System of Human Spirituality, and the System of Nature. If we do not make this connection, then the interpretation of the one Reality is perceived as occurring in two different, separate contexts. In addition, because of a pursuit of self-gratification, the priority assigned to the required actions (responsibilities) related to each of these “realities” is misplaced. Again, we can label our two interpretations of the one Reality as the Worldly Reality, and the Spiritual Reality. The Worldly Reality we interpret to be our material world. It is the earthly existence within which we function on a daily basis. Our interpretation of what would be the Spiritual Reality is incomplete, fragmented, and misunderstood. It is incomplete because we do not see that it is the “whole” picture and encompasses every aspect of Existence. It is the one Reality. Our interpretation of it is fragmented because there are aspects of our existence that are naturally occurring that we consider as being separate manifestations of Reality. The Truth is that all naturally occurring phenomenons are a part of Spirituality. Our Spirituality is misunderstood because the Truth has been given to us repeatedly through the words that “GOD” has sent to us, and we have yet to see the meaning held within them. The intent of this collection of words is to rectify this unfortunate circumstance of Existence.

     It is a physical (Scientific) Reality that our creation, as well as existence in general, is based on and can be expressed by one simple term. Again, that term is “energy.” It is the energy that makes everything move. The foundation of this energy is the Atom. The Atom is the basis for the design of every element and system of existence that followed its creation. Relative to the systems of Existence, every one of them is based upon the elements of that particular System revolving around a central source of radiant energy that in essence, has influence over; has power over; has authority over those elements that revolve around it. There are three major systems within our existence that generate authority to which each individual member of the Human Species is to yield. One major system is that of Social Order. Social Order is the system of movement by which the interdependent group achieves continuity, as each member exercises their respective individuality. It is constituted by smaller systems like that of the Individual, the Family, Business, the Community, etc. Another major system is that of Human Spirituality. It is the understanding within which the system of Human movement interrelates and connects with the movements of all other living things on our Earth. Human Spirituality is the system of movement within which our Species exercises its responsibility to the Divine System. Lastly, there is the major system within our existence we have labeled, “Nature.” It is the system of movement whereby all living things work together to produce the energy and conditions necessary to perpetuate the earthly existence. Nature is the system that produces the earthly energy that drives every other system on our planet. Each one of these systems is the result of the actions set in motion by
the Divine Energy of Life. 
copyrighted 2002
      DEWsWay is the idealogy that has evolved from the manuscript that took ten years of researching and transcribing to develop.
I had the manuscript published in 2002 so I could see it in book form.  This collection of words is still so relevant to we the people
of our nation that I have begun the task of finishing the project, after setting it aside these many years.  As I was proofing it again
(to make it more politically correct) I realized something.
With times being what they are in our nation right now,
you should perhaps see the introduction to my writings
in the RAW/as it came out of me without professional editing.
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